Elibean Nights - Final Version (Gamma Testing)

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RIP Kent


Couple of changes being made to Pent’s Tale since I believe it’s the oldest original script/design still intact (there was a new map at some point in the process cuz Nayrmaps were baremaps).

Chief among them are those items for the Emblemologist achievement. Not only were they really hard to get, but they were all totes useless. Now you’ll be able to find the real(ish) Starsphere, with all of its +2 boosting glory (because Archsage!Pent/Dark Druid!Canas weren’t OP enough). Planning on adding hold item effects for the other two as well, suggestions are welcome! Not sure what to do with Ragnell either (since there are no swordies unless you carry it over to the gaiden for Jaffar), and ideas on a replacement item that’d fit? Raven already gets it in Regalia Mode anyways.

And also it’s a real escape mission now because we have those aaaaah


Maybe replace Ragnell with Dierdre’s circlet?
(I was going to say something from FE2, but I can’t really think of any important items…Celica does get a circlet that makes her promote as a text only thing.) To tell the truth, I don’t remember what the items are atm, if the circlet is already there then lol

(…or do you want something from Tellius? How about, “old medallion” :B )


The items currently planned are:

  • Celestial Orb (Starsphere, Archanea): +2 to Str/Skl/Spd/Luk/Def/Res
  • Faded Scroll (Baldo Scroll, Jugdral): Grants holder +25% to all growths.
  • Savior Brace (Lunar/Solar Brace, Magvel): Negates rescue penalties.
  • Rusty Coin (Tellius): Weapon uses do not deplete.

Unless people have better ideas for effects, of course.


I like “old medallion” myself; maybe not give it a gameplay bonus but unlock some bonus scene instead if Renault has it?


I did a thing today while starting to work the kinks out of Bonus Content. Unfortunately there isn’t a paired ending to work from, but FE7 inexplicably gave Guy the same title in his ending that Karel is known by in FE6. So they’re going to fight and this is how Guy earns it and is recognized as Karel’s peer/equal. (He’ll demand to die if you control Karel and he wins, which one is canon who knowwwws? Chalk up another .5 to my character kill count).

Also added this nifty little back room tile change once you complete the first eight main tales. I’d just remembered it today, so thankfully the BC space is a bit less cluttered now that Igrene and Athos (difficulty toggle) are in Tale Select.


Epic Guy VS Karel fighttttt


Now I’m thinking about doing a few extra “mini chapters”; Astor could have a stealth mission to open all treasure chests or sth, Fargus could have a cool pirate fight where Dart falls overboard, Canas and his wife (sprite prlermitting) could try to stop the snowstorm somehow being fueled by a giant yeti monster (boss battle blaze of glory yeeeeah), etc.

Is it too late to delay until 2020? Maybe I’ll save them for post-release extra goodies or sth.

EDIT: I’ll probably stop after this one.


Just so people know work is still happening. Bows get a second Iron/Steel/Silver series since Lances/Axes got them, courtesy of BwdYeti (he named them, I did not). To those who say “haven’t you added enuf bows?” I say, “never enuf!”

Starsphere actually looks like Starsphere now, thanks to Lord Glenn. He also did the Rusty Coin icon, which is replacing the unusable Ragnell found in Pent’s Tale.


An ‘Arch’ series of bows. Uh huh, sure. I think it didn’t take much to convince you to add them.


From a gameplay perspective, yes.


Not Gaiden’s 1-5 range bows 0/10 wouldn’t play

In all seriousness tho, it’s good to know this is still happening.

I’m not kidding when I say this hack got me into rom hacking, and all updates are appreciated.


Some more new icons, courtesy of Lord Glenn. He’s compiling a sheet of all the non-PRF icons used for EN, which will be made available for public use in the weapon icon repository topic.


Posted to the repository.


I’ve always liked the design of the sleep sword.


Finally decided to go through with this after seeing @Alusq doing it in his new hack. Every ally gets a one-time battle quote the first time they enter combat, akin to the generic ones bosses get.


Lowen is so bamf looking.


Arch all you ever post anymore are stat screens. Sell your VBA, kid.

I’m working on Rath’s Tale Hard Mode, and it’s really really really quite fuuun.

There’ve been a few substantial changes to the tale’s gameplay as of now. First off, the treasure chests have been reconfigured since they’re tied to an achievement. Now, you’ll get items based on the number of chests you have opened–starting with some shitty Bronze Bows and such. Your first key is an enemy drop, and the second chest key is your fifth chest item. Open all thirteen to unlock the achievement, and snag a ballin’ Gigant Ax for Bartre. Gotta watch out for Rogues, though; if one opens a chest, another Rogue will pop out of the chest! Don’t ask me to justify that in the script, just roll with it. Before, there were chests based on luck like desert items; this was kind of painful to play with, since most people would get Bronze weapons and fake Elixirs and some would report bugs about Elixirs not working (but only in Rath’s Tale, teehee).

Secondly, I’ve redone my laziness reinforcements. Six sets of stairs (leading to what, idk, it’s a cave under a cave?), where various enemies will spawn, either every 4th turn, or every 2nd turn (starting after turn 10 in Normal Mode). Before, I just dumped all the stair units into one batch of spawns every so often. There’ll be more of a consistent enemy presence throughout the cave.

Also you’ll notice that Wayra actually made his way to the map. I’ve taken out Prasad’s crit in the opening sequence (still gets doubled tho like a scrub–the game heals him when he respawns onto the map), but Wayra makes an appearance as a boss only in hard mode. Now reclassed to Summoner, he’ll conjure up Phantoms, who receive no movement penalties from any tile. Basically, his minions will chase you through the cave maze, running through walls. He can only keep one at a time, thank goodness.

Welcome back to the troll king’s cave. Hope everyone enjoys it~


This just just my opinion, but I’m not sure I like Eliwood suddenly throwing around swears, even if I like the mug.
Lowen, you’re looking more and more awesome with each passing update.


Dude. That boss is so wayrad.