Elibean Nights - Final Version (Gamma Testing)

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I fought the canon and the canon won.


Elebian Knights, of course


this is a glitch, but now I kinda just want it to happen


Bowstaff that shoots Heal staves as blunt weapons.


Rename to Staffitary?


Staff archers actually don’t seem like that bad an idea, considering I actually know several (bow healers) from other works of fiction. Natalia from Tales of the Abyss, for example. Makes me wonder why FE hasn’t had characters who can use both bows and staves yet, barring a few units in FE4 who can use anything else as well.

now can we have an str/mag split please


Mainly because bows and staves are magic/physical which just rarely happens in FE, and then in GBA the bows and staves appear on the same bottom right entry anyway so…


Physical/healing units are already enabled by making healing read from RES. Currently only Farina’s special Seraph Knt. class makes use of this, though. Staff Rogues (like Trickster, yeah) might be another good addition. Without Pick, they’re kinda stuck between “higher stat cap thief” and “swordmaster with no crit.” With Sagittary, it’d help further differentiate from Sniper too.


I mean, obviously, but we have Mist and Elincia, yet both use swords as a secondary… there’s also FE4/FE13 promoted pegs who use lances and staves (FE4 falcoknights can also use swords as well but that’s neither here nor there.) Which reminds me: War Clerics have axe/staff covered as well, so…


In a future project I’ll have a revamped Axe/Staff Valkyrie class cuz War Clerics sucked and Mist was boring too.

It’d be neat to have one hybrid class for each weapon type but not sure where I’d get Axe/Staff in EN to work.


I kinda wanted to add War Monks as a promotion for priests/fighters but there’s no good animation so… nope!


Renault would be a good candidate for War Monk if he weren’t so gimped as a unit in EN.

Hawkeye maybe?


don’t you even dare



I need to kill someone brb

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Luckyly I live in the remote country of Honduras~


Dat wouldn’t happen to be an animation, would it? Cuz I’d totes do it if one existed.


Based god @CT075 reporting for duty. Finally got anticipation down pending further bugtests.


It’s like I have to suddenly, after 13 fandom years, ask why we even needed a custom engine.