Elibean Nights - Final Version (Gamma Testing)

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edit: nvr mind

on a side note though how can erk be in two places at once? ravens tale part 2


it’s not really a nerf; the iron rune still exists and in order for the hoplon guard to not just be a carbon copy, it would have to be different. Else why even bother adding it


…I’m not sure how I didn’t even notice it was added in on top of the Iron Rune. Either way though, anyone who’s ever seen the Hoplon Guard before would normally expect it to block crits before they checked it. I understand why it was changed, but maybe the name should have been changed too to reflect this. Not a big deal though.


You kidding?? In the initial round of beta testing we more than doubled the price of the Hoplon guard because it was so freaking OP. It’s still a very powerful item.


ikr that double duty is hilarious


I personally don’t think Ephidel’s cape color matches, but I’m just here to mention the lightest color on the greenish grey is a red for some reason. (Most noticeable on the boot.)


-screams internally-


I think you need to adjust what frame the spell disappears on when it misses.


can you say what classes it doesn’t protect?


Updated the buglist with (I think) everything that’s come in so far. Not listing all the bunk Paladins though, lol.


Does Efta have bane? He keeps throwing 0% ‘crits’ that leave units at 1 hp


knowing all the crap we shoved onto efta I wouldn’t be surprised if he does.


In that chapter both Fiora and Florina are Falcon Knights.


Harken evolved into Machamp!

About those hand axe animations… They all seem to function perfectly fine at range. I’m suspecting that it has something to do with either using a new throwing axe (Short Axe/Pugilist in EN) or using a custom animation. I recall when I tried adding the Short Axe to animation lists like the game originally did, some stock animations would hang or glitch when attacking. Using @icecube’s system for hand axe animations, but these things have always been weird.


In Karel’s tale, the Dracomaster with the short spear doesn’t have an animation…?

Also, Gigais has softly with grace as a battle theme. (Just pointing it out, not really an issue, but eh)

I can’t visit the houses in the Illia segment. (If that’s intentional then w/e)

In Nabata Karel says “Petty illusions designed to to pray on weak emotions…” It should be ‘prey’ right?


All honestly, I’m completely stumped. I’ve tried reinserting the animation, and putting it on a different slot. The ranged spear animations work fine for allied units, but display as map animations when used as an enemy. Tested Wyvern Knight and that class used the Short Spear just fine too. It seems like an issue specific to Dracomasters but that’s just super bizarre. Double-checked all of the class/unit/animation data and everything looks fine. These definitely worked without issue once upon a time.

Same difference? But yeah, should fix that.


I’ve got a bit of news to share. My pal, the Yetiman we all know and love, just posted up “Operation: Generic Rainbow”, which is a new community project seeking to create open-source generic face sprites for all GBAFE/FE7x classes. Not only will this help speed things up for the hotly-anticipated masterpiece that is his project, Immortal Sword, but by contributing, artists can help build a fantastic set of new assets for projects like EN.

Which is why, as part of the effort to promote this, a limited selection of these sprites will be debuting in Elibean Nights. Hopefully this helps demonstrate just how valuable resources like this can be. It’s already helping me polish things up! EN will be obtaining a small slate of new mini-bosses.

To all the people who’ve contributed graphics to me over the years: you know that my gratitude for your efforts is basically boundless at this point. I can’t art worth a damn. Pretty much all of EN’s custom works were done by my fantastic volunteers, you guys da real MVPs, and I’d encourage all of you to consider pitching in to Yeti’s efforts.

My goal is to have a finalized release available at the month’s end. Until then, we’ll continue the debug process accordingly.


I still was never able to spawn the slaves to serve as meat shields.


idk why it doesn’t seem to work for you, I just seized the fort and they come out like every other turn.


wait are you seriously renaming it to elibean nights omg plz no