Eiserino Spriterini



== ~2017~==

Thanks to Yeti for edits on Maka, and Aeo for cnc on buff man and 9Ball.

==Most Recent Finished Work==

=Current WIPS=
Far too many


I remember you from uhh… TEB
Cool to see you’re still around, I’m interested in seeing where that blue hair ends up


Not a fan of the anime eyes on red guy, but overall he’s pretty well done. Props.
Same as Dancer, looking forward to seeing blue hair goes too.


Macho man is in the hoooouse!!!

Good shit, man. Good shit.


Eyup, I’ve been most active at TEB and it’s predecessor.

Unfortunately, most of the eyes I do are exceptionally animu-y. ^^;


“Hey, babes~!”


A post from the graAAaaaAAaaave!

Hi, I’m back. Since I’ve been doing mugs for some wizards here, I decided to updoot.

Personal Mug

thracia_irl. thanks to glacoe for hair on matthew, and l95 for cleaning the face, bandana, and pigtails on rebecca.

updated farina



Have a group of redheads.


hi again



justice and alraune

evil mailman

'dit: i never did show the editing i did with the blue haired girl Dancer and Nickt mentioned

double 'dit: face edits


hi again again

some things i forgot to upload here=


an ogre and two cyclops walk into a bar…

boies and super mysterious mystery person again

facial studies

thracia mug fixups=

original by Blaze / Blazeking

original by flingleforp


Hey, loving those Thracia style mugs (especially Lucius)!

On that Noble character I really love the hairstyle but the spacing around the eye and nose looks a little strange. Given the angle on the nose and mouth it looks like the eye should move up a few pixels and maybe to the left. The ear also seems a bit too low and horizontal for the head tilt overall.

The Myrm character looks really good so far - especially that shoulder definition, that is fantastic!


sorry for the late response
i had similar comments from others, so I’ll get around to fixing them up eventually.

meanwhile, some wips.


'dit: forgot one


hello again, friendos
I come bearing more wips ~(o 3o)~


All of those sprites are amazing!!
I hope to see more of these :))


have some more stuff ~(o 3o)~
order is from least to most recently worked on

some smug lord guy i guess

edit of wan’s palla that i might get around to fleshing out, and a samson i don’t like.
both a good while ago?

more recently worked on. gotta be smooooth

box thingy i did at zane’s prompting

vampire loli reference sheet thing I guess?

thing for toa, is a wip (making far arm and hair is suffering)

minor edits and outlining. second is a revisting of a mug i started like right after the first.


hi again

curlyhairarmorboi and poofyhairmagiclady


tweaked her a bit. still not satisfied tbh but i’m leaving it be for now.

gambesonman. forgot to ever post him, he’s a mess.

cardiorobin and a seiba i forgot to ever post


is that an evil loli? I approve


you do some amazing portraits and I love it!

I like her a lot. she looks strong confident and sexy. The thing that might be bothering you is the lack of depth in her shirt and headband. they basically consist of two colors while everything else is greatly detailed.

really nice work again ^^