Eirika great lord magic animation

When I went to plug in a few animations from the repo, I noticed that Eirika’s vanilla lord sprite has a magic animation but her vanilla great lord class doesn’t. If anyone has an animation for that that just isn’t in the repo, I’d be very thankful for it!

On the flipside if anyone wants to create a simple but complete and insertable magic animation for her great lord class, I would gladly pass what I can to your kofi page (or preferred donation medium) for it. I don’t have the money for a proper commission but I’ll give you what I can. It doesn’t need to be fancy or super unique, just follow the same palette order so it works flawlessly alongside the vanilla sprites.

I only ask that it be F2E and added to the repo.


If you go to the cavalry section of the repo, there are male and female master knight animations that use Eirika’s and Ephraim’s Great Lord animations as a base and have animations for every weapon type, including magic and staves. The armor is a bit different, but there’s already an option for a Great Lord Eirika that uses magic. It’s just not in the Lord animation folder.

Thank you for replying! I was aware of that animation set. The problem with it is that you can’t actually use them alongside Eirika’s great lord vanilla animations due to the palette orders being different. Otherwise this happens:
That’s the master knight sharing a palette with Eirika’s great lord sprite. When using the master knight animations, you would need to use all of them and not be able to mix and match with the great lord.

The palette for the master knight isn’t ideal for certain color combinations either. The same colors for comparison:
Though I’ll admit the saddle cloth looks better for the master knight, I think the white mane on white horse is odd and the rider in general looks far worse with the same colors. You can change them to a certain degree but imo, the design is just too different from Eirika’s T1 lord armor and palette, it doesn’t really translate extremely well. Not to mention the weapon differences, like going from a thin, light blade to a wider, heavier one. Even though the animation motion is the same, the stylistic change I feel doesn’t hit the same notes as her T1.

All in all, it works as a sort of stopgap but I would personally rather see her actual great lord sprite, design and palette in all, get a magic animation to complete the set instead.

But this thread’ll be here. If anyone ever fills that little gap up, you can always post here if the thread’s not dead-dead or send me a private message. Even though I don’t post often I check here every day, and I’m a person of my word. If the gap is filled even if it’s many months from now, link me to your preferred service and I’ll pay you whatever I can.