Editing inventories in Nightmare?

First-time poster here. I’m changing some inventories of allies and enemies, and I want to know how to tell the game to drop an item upon an enemy’s defeat? I checked out some other enemies (specifically, Aias and Murray) who drop stuff upon defeat and I didn’t notice any kind of special code to tell the game that that item gets dropped. Is there a way to add a dropped item to an enemy who didn’t previously have it, or would I have to change the item of an enemy who already drops something?

Thanks in advance.

Because of the way FE7 works, item drops are determined by character number. Go to the character number who you want to drop an item in Nightmare and set the correct character ability. If it’s a boss, go to the boss’s entry. If you want a generic enemy to drop an item, you must edit them to a separate character number that has that property.

Is it the same in FE8? That’s the one I’m using.

FE8 is much simpler when it comes to item drops. Just set the item drop flags in the events. I don’t know how to do it in Nightmare, but when you’re up to making custom events, it’s as simple as setting the highlighted byte to a 0x2. Here’s an example from my own project. I’ll get back to it eventually, any discord regulars reading this…
UNIT Ryuke General 0x0 Level(1, Enemy, 1) [20,18] 0x2 0x00 0x0 0x00 [SteelLance, Taurus] GuardTileAI
The 0x2 means he will drop the last item in his inventory, which happens to be the Taurus star shard. If that was a javelin instead and he equipped the javelin, then the steel lance would be at the bottom of his inventory and would be dropped instead.

Okay, I think I got it. And what program is that with?

Nightmare is kinda the only one working for me at the moment.

Event assembler

I usually call it god tho