Echoes style generic cavalier?(I'm being cheap here)

I am, to heavily understate it, totally inept at making battle animations(I don’t mean programming, I mean actually designing sprites). I want an echoes style generic cavalier battle sprite. (I understand what I’m asking takes alot of time due to scripting, spriting and all the other shit, and I understand that I am being veeerrry cheap.)

It might help to be a little more specific in what you want.
Do you mean a cavalier that looks like this dude?

If you’re just making an edit, you could probably edit the armor design frame by frame to more closely emulate what Runa shared.

Not sure of the effort required to do this, but it will likely be easier than getting or making a new cavalier animation from scratch.

Lastly, I’d recommend checking out the existing animation repository so that you can see what F2U animations are available that you can leverage easily.