Easy Mode For Elibean Nights?

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@Arch, I like the tales and the story, but mustn’t there be an Easy(ier) mode? It’s hard for people who just want the story… :disappointed_relieved:

If you just want to know the story, why not simply watch a let’s play of it?

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Double EXP like the easy mode of FE2 or FE5? That’s quite easy.

Something like that could be implemented, maybe.

Since I’m also adding a hard mode, I might go back and make certain levels easier in order to make the difficult level more uniform between normal and hard. I’ve already gone through and changed all of the ambush spawns (reinforcements on the enemy turn) into normal spawns for normal mode, so hopefully that also helps alleviate the difficulty somewhat.

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Maybe you can add these two (Hard and Easy mode) as their own patches, which require the Main patch installed.
That may actually be lots less work.

My basic philosophy is: if it can’t fit into one patch, it hasn’t been implemented properly. I might tie it to one of the early achievements and implement the 2x EXP mode to make things easier for players.

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