EA Syntax Highlighting in Notepad++

If you’re like me and use Notepad++ for writing up your event files
you may have wished that there was some sort of highlighting for
keywords like UNIT, MOVE, etc. Maybe something like this?

Here you go:


Click me

How do I use this?

Steps to import language highlighting file:

  1. In Notepad++ go to the ‘Language’ menu and select “Define your language…”
  2. In that new menu, select Import
  3. Browse to where you’ve stored EA Syntax.xml (The file you downloaded) and select it
  4. Notepad++ should say “Import successful.”
  5. Close Notepad++ (It needs to reload the necessary internal files which it does when it boots)
  6. Reopen Notepad++ and open a file that you want EA syntax highlighting for
  7. Go to the ‘Language’ menu and at the bottom of the list select “Event Assembler Syntax”. Done!

Note 1: You’ll need to do step 7 for any file you want EA syntax highlighting on.Note 2: These steps are based off of Notepad++ version 6.6.9. If you have a different version, this process may be different.

After import feel free to tweak the colors and add to it however you want. You get to do your own research for this though :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and shoutout to @Crazycolorz5 for the idea


Can I have a screenshot to see how beautiful it looks?

And can we also highlight the default items (e.g. IronSword) if you haven’t added that already?

Oops forgot my pic. Added that to the OP.

It looks pretty… (events from ModularBattleDemo).

Still, with default definitions the ugly plaintext will go away, mostly… mmmmm.

nitpick time

wouldn’t it be smart to make something like

“IFEF 0x04 0x02 // If Bordel hasn’t been killed”

into a




TIL discourse allows text prepended with # to look

#like this

while text prepended with \

#will be escaped

Not for a one shot line of code.
It it were recurring I’d agree but this is a one-time check.

I would do a define anyway just so the actual code reads cleanly with all the “magic” off in its own section. If you have other stuff like that it can also be convenient to have it all in one place in case you do stuff like changing the character IDs around - all those things will be at the top of the file, readily available for updating.

cough write something else entirely like


then write a script that replaces all such tokens in all source files, be it text, event scripts or other things cough