Durability on custom items

I have a custom routine, this works as it should, but does not reduce its remaining uses, is there something I should add to the routine?

Gonna need some more details. What game and what does your routine look like?

EDIT: I think I understand. 16AEC (fe8) is given an item id/uses short and subtracts 1 use if the item doesn’t have the ‘indestructible’ flag.

yes I know this is very late

push {r4,r14}
ldr r4,=#0x0203A958
ldrb r0,[r4,#0xC]
ldr r2,=#0x08019430
mov r14,r2
.short 0xF800
ldrb r1,[r4,#0x12]
ldr r2,=#0x8018994
mov r14,r2
.short 0xF800

put this before your effect routine code and it should work.