Drumsets in Gbafe

I’ve encountered a roadblock, in my exploration into music hacking gbafe I have come across many, many, many, problems with gbafe as it of course does not use every sound sample that is in a "Normal " synthesizer (Say, Microsoft GS wavetable) this isn’t a huge problem with instruments but rather drumsets
so what sound samples does gbafe use?
(PS: I do know that between the games there are different drumsets used IE: Fe6 has a different drumset than fe8.
I am asking mainly about fe8, however, I would appreciate information about all gbafe games)

From Alusq’s music installer:

//121 drum kit
//122 drum kit (duplicate of 127)
//123 drum kit
//124 drum kit (rock band-ish; recommended for if you have a modern-style constant drum beat in the background)
//125 white noise
//126 applause (fun to use as a background-noise special effect at lower or higher pitches, but also used in stuff like the FE8 arena entrance theme)
//127 drum kit (marching band-ish; recommended for if your drums mostly play flourishes, like drum rolls and cymbals)

If my counting hasn’t failed me, there seem to be 5 drumkits. They probably share some instruments. You should be able to find the samples in sappy if you change the voices address to one of the addresses in the VoiceDrum macro’s above.

Although this is the NIMAP2. Maybe vanilla FE8 uses more, Idk. I’d assume all samples are covered in these though.

I was actually asking about the sound samples in each drum set but thank you for the info anyway

As you can see here In anvil I have opened up a rhythm track with my current soundfont (The default windows synthesizer) i have 47 sounds (Not all of them are visible) not every one of them is in every drumkit, some of them are dummy notes. so, what I’m asking about is there a sort of list of all the samples used in each of the drumkits or an easy way to find out the samples used?
(The ostrich is there because I have to monitors)

Yeah, the lists can be found at the addresses I posted. You’ll have to change the address displayed next to Voices in sappy and you’ll be able to view every entry, assuming it’s a ROM which has the NIMAP2 patch (although it may actually work without as well).

Idk if you have discord, but Alusq went into great detail here:

Oh ok thank you I just misunderstood have a nice day