Drumset Instrument Key

As far as I know, this works for FE7 and FE8, not sure about FE6

(Do Not go higher than this)
F#7 Jingle?
D#7 Another Cymbal (ride)
C#7 Another Cymbal (Crash)
C7 Floor Tom-Tom
A#6 Another Cymbal?
A6 Middle Tom-Tom
F6 High Tom-Tom
D#6 Clap
D6 Drum
C6 ?? (Sounds like a wet bare footstep)
B5 Jingle
A#5 Bell (quick)
A5 Triangle
E4 Bongo (low)
D#4 Bongo (medium)
D4 Bongo (high)
C#4 Bongo (middle-ish)
C4 Bongo (Highest)
A#3 Vibraslap (Some kind of spring Instrument)
A3 Crash Cymbal
G3 Ride Cymbal
F#3 Hi-Hat Cymbal (closed)
F3 Rising Cymbal (different from G3)
E2 Reverse Cymbal
D#2 Snare Drum (quick)
D2 Snare Drum (single hit)
C#2 ???
C2 Bass Drum
(Do Not go lower than this)