Double the max stats of a class patch

Hello again, cactus here.

I want to know if is possible to double the stats of the classes. The maximum for all the playable classes without being secret units or final bosses like most FE do.

There’s a patch to do this, but it can’t be used if you use the skill system. Of course I could use Exmodular or something, but I don’t want to crash my CPU for my ignorance.

Is there a viable way to do this?

I’m staring at this and I cannot parse it; you’re not using the double stat cap patch because it doesn’t work with skill system (it’s also outdated), but builder skillsystem requires you to use exmodular save to begin with, and how on earth would the exmodularsave patch crash your computer when it’s a patch like anything else?

No, I mean if I do something wrong, it will not work.
It was a metaphorical phrase, I’m such a noob on those things that I need Info.
But thanks for giving me a little info, some part is useful.

Having backups is always the best thing to do. But the exmodular patch should get the job done with little issues. It also automatically installs with the skill systems.


Step 1.

Install SkillSystems

It is now possible to set higher max stats than 31 (except level). You may also wish to use the patch Extend Stat Bar Length.

Thanks, still… HP only reaches 60, which is a shame because I planned to introduce in my hack secret bosses with 80 HP or 120 HP.

Its still possible to do that, even with player units, it just won’t display an exact number. It would just show ‘??’.

Maximum HP for players is set via a different patch.

Which patch in the patch screen?
I tried to search it for “HP” but nothing special.

“Playable Character HP Limit”.

Thanks, now I can make personalized characters and “Secret Bosses”. Thank you once again FEU community.