Double Characters/Classes in FE7

I’m working with an FE7 rom for my project and I found this in the game the characters of the “story of Lyn” appear twice, once for the “story of Lyn” and another is for “the story Eliwood/Hector” and with this to appear from “Chapter: Noble from Caelin” displays the second version and continue with the levels of the first version, I also found repeated classes of Knight Lord, Blade Lord, and Great Lord and some are the same as the base but appears as if they could promote or come from another class
Could someone explain to me how this works?

Let’s say Lyn mode characters are A and in other modes are B.
B characters will inherit the levels, exp and stats from A characters if they survived Lyn mode.
Also, A characters can die in Lyn mode, but their B counterpart will still appear in Hector/Eliwood mode.
There’s a ASM code that runs at the end of Lyn mode that does this.

And Nils is an special case, he has 2 slots, one for Lyn mode that will inherit everything to Ninian, and the other used for the final chapter that will inherit back everything from Ninian.

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The unpromoted classes with the promoted names are a remnant from earlier in development. If you look at the FE6 trial maps and then at which classes they promote into, you will notice that these are their canon classes(Except lyn, because she wasn’t in FE6 to begin with). No idea why they didn’t just repurpose these unused classslots instead of making new ones that promote into the final promotions, but welp. You can use or replace these slots without issue, the only thing wrong about them is that the knightlord class accidentially has some mounted unit-flags active, but these can easily just be disabled.

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So the B’s inherit the A’s if I were to deploy the B’s instead of the A’s in the “Lyn’s Story” and destroy the ASM routine (except Nils for the condition he mentions) and change the A’s to another character, wouldn’t there be a problem?

Thanks for the clarification I thought it had to do with growths or something like that

I really don’t know what would happen, most hacks use both slots for a single character.
You can try and see what happens.

Thank you for clarifying. Well, all I have to do is try it.