Dorcas Emblem 2.1


Thanks! It’s good to hear you enjoyed the portraits. Nino is one of my favourites as well, because she’s just such an unholy abomination…

[quote=“DerTheVaporeon, post:20, topic:3092”]~~Actually meant that I laughed pretty hard :joy:

I was just trying to make a funny :sweat_smile:


i dont know why but when dorcas (will) reappeared in dorcas mode (elliwood) with dorcas (lyn), dorcas (sain), dorcas (kent) and dorcas (florina) his dorcas (resistance) was capped although he still was lvl 4 (or sth like that) is this some kind of bug?


It’s part of a clever plan to entice people into actually using Dorcas (Wil).

Well, or it’s a bug and I have no idea what’s causing it because I’ve barely edited the stats at all and never even touched Wil’s, but that’s kind of a boring answer. (Probably more truthful, though.)


Bug or not bug, in the end there wil(l) be more people to play dorcas (wil) instead of dorcas (rebecca)