DOOR and AFEV Codes are Mean

Well… I thought I had the hang of eventing, but now I’m not so sure.

I have AFEVs attatched to DOOR codes that work perfectly fine for changing AI, but I have these two asshole doors that won’t trigger their AFEVs. They won’t trigger any AFEVs; they seem to ignore any event IDs period.
I’ve tried changing around the order of my AREA and AFEV codes in my miscellaneous section and the order of my location events (which has solved problems in the past because why not?) to no avail.

Does there seem to be anything glaringly wrong with this?
Here are my miscellaneous and location events.

DOOR 0x10 [8,7] 0x10         //  **THESE ARE THE TWO ASSHOLE DOORS**
DOOR 0x11 [22,7] 0x10       //  **ALL OF THE OTHERS WORK FINE**
DOOR 0x20 [9,21] 0x10
DOOR 0x21 [21,21] 0x10
DOOR 0x00 [6,12] 0x10
DOOR 0x00 [24,12] 0x10
DOOR 0x22 [12,12] 0x10
DOOR 0x22 [13,12] 0x10
DOOR 0x23 [17,12] 0x10
DOOR 0x23 [18,12] 0x10
CHES 0x14 0x0 [26,11] 0x12
CHES 0x0D 0x0 [26,14] 0x12
CHES 0x0C 0x0 [4,11] 0x12
CHES 0x0B 0x0 [4,14] 0x12

AFEV 0x0 LeftAI 0x20 
AFEV 0x0 RightAI 0x21
AFEV 0x0 MiddleAI 0x22
AFEV 0x0 MiddleAI 0x23
AFEV 0x0 MiddleAI 0x10
AFEV 0x0 MiddleAI 0x11
AFEV 0x2E ElixirGet 0x0D
AFEV 0x2D SecretBookGet 0x0B
AFEV 0x2C TalismanGet 0x0C
AFEV 0x0 Ending_event 0x02
AFEV 0x2B Hello 0x14
AREA 0x76 Reinforcements2 [0,10] [2,17] 
AREA 0x77 Reinforcements3 [14,18] [16,24] 
AREA 0x15 Reinforcements4 [28,10] [30,17]

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

Before I can get an idea of what’s wrong, would you please upload the entire script for your chapter? Sometimes the problem exists elsewhere in your codes.

Also, you shouldn’t use event ID 0x10 for any custom event. 0x10 is reserved for the DefeatAll code and will trigger immediately when all enemies are defeated. Using 0x10 any other time could cause problems.

Sure. I’ve changed some minor things (label names and such) as this is for a Ragefest, and I’m trying to keep things at least somewhat secret until the opening of the event.

I’m afraid it’s quite long.

That’s good to know about 0x10, but I’ve tried other event IDs too and they seem to also not want to cooperate.

EDIT: Complete set of events removed as they do not all pertain to this problem.

Just to clarify: With the script you have now, all of the other DOOR and AFEV codes work? Even Event ID’s 0x22 and 0x23, which have the same AFEV as 0x10 and 0x11, activate their AFEV (text and all)? Do the doors with 0x10 and 0x11 at least open when you have a unit open them? I just find it weird that 0x22 and 0x23 work when 0x11 doesn’t.

The doors open just fine. All of them. The other AFEVs seem to function properly, including the ones that work with 0x22 and 0x23. I’ve set the problem doors with the event IDs 0x22 and 0x23, and the AFEVs don’t trigger.
I suppose I could use 0x10 and 0x11 with something else to make sure the AFEVs work, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

EDIT: I’ve triggered the event ID 0x11 with something other than the problem door, and the AFEV functions properly.

I think I’ll try adding event IDs to some AFEVs next. Without event IDs, they continue to play nonstop. This isn’t a problem for my uses as they only change AI. The text display is only present in the AFEVs to show when they trigger. I suppose its worth a shot.

Yep. That’s it.
To get to the problem doors, I need to go through other doors. Those doors also trigger AFEVs to change AI with event IDs of 0x00, so they never stop occurring. The player, though, would never see that the event was happening nonstop. This was only apparent when adding TEX1 as a marker. with the first set of AFEVs playing nonstop, they seemed to ‘block’ the 2nd set of doors’ AFEVs from playing.

LESSON: Add event IDs to mid-chapter AFEVs even if you think you don’t need them, or else bad things happen.

I’m going to leave the miscellaneous and location events to show the problem, but I’ll take down the rest of the events as they don’t pertain to the problem.

Thank you for your time and help. I love that there are always helpful people in this great community.

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