Does anyone do Battle Animation Commissions (or knows someone who does)?

So hey, relatively new here. When I decided I wanted to make a hack I was directed here and boom, cool people galore (and very nice to boot). Like it says in the title, I’d love to commission some battle animations, but on the Commissions page I visited there’s only one or two of them here (with filled slots to boot).

I was just wondering if there were more out there in the woodworks and if so, what are their rates. And if you know any, could you direct me towards them?

I don’t know of any who take commissions and who aren’t currently busy with professional projects, but also, your budget should probably be at least $100, $200-300+ if you’re looking for a mostly or all custom animation. I’m open to storyboarding one for cheap, but I’m not sure how much mileage you’d get out of that.


Gotcha, appreciate the help. I’m gonna have to wait regardless, but I’m hoping to at least find some people who do that kind of stuff.

damn a hundo huh, artist really be winning out here

To be fair I get it. Some Artists tend to underpay themselves, so if 200/300 for something as complicated as a Battle animation, for potentially various weapons depending on the person requesting seems like a fair deal to me.