Does anybody have any rom hacking sites (other than FEbuilder)?

Hi guys I am new to the romhacking community and would like to know of any romhacking sites that are compatible with Chromebooks.

What do you mean by “romhacking sites”? Are you talking about an actual website, or software (a program) that will allow you to (theoretically) modify a ROM?

I’ll take a website or a program.

I assume you are looking for the software that will allow you to create or build your own Fire Emblem-style game, specifically of the GBA era? Below, I have shared a link to software that might be compatible with Google OS. It is defined as “A custom Fire Emblem fangame and engine”.

Link: Sam Alhara / lex-talionis · GitLab

The link that you have shared isn’t compatible but, I did read further on the same link and saw that it was made completely on Scratch so I guess I’ll just try and use Scratch.

Future Me - As in literally an hour later
Never mind I might have found a way to get FEbuilder to work (high hopes)!

Thanks for your help!

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The main way would be FireEmblemBuilder, which is a program that enables accessible edits to Rom changes and stuff but is subject to a 32Megabytes cap. Still pretty great option regardless.
Outside of FEBUILDER, the best ways to edit FEGB are: through Lex Taliones or through Buildfiles.
The latter being an interesting option if you know assembly coding.

Will you send links to both of these?

Check this post by Klokinator, it has everything describing it and it also compares them.

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Im a personal fan of Tactile but all the stuff listed in that post are decent

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There actually is a browser-based ROM editor funnily enough: