Do you use Jagens?

  • Yes, I use the gods among men known as Jagens
  • No, to the bench the Jagen goes
  • I only use Seth

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only Jeigans


Of Course. Interesting Poll. You are not wasting my time.

Nope. I find using the Jagen greatly detracts from my enjoyment of the game. I bench them and give them one more analysis when everyone else is on their level. Typically, this means I never use them.

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I think the only time I use Jagens is when I want a unit that can act as a meat shield for my more fragile units. Like whenever I try to level up Sophia.

If you don’t you’re bad, yes I do mean that unironically.


I hate prepromotes, it doesn’t feel like I’ve raised them so I typically avoid all of them, including Jagens. One of the only exception to this is Oifey because he’s in part1 technically so I feel like I know him, and the level system doesn’t harm him unlike most other games.

Yes, sire.


Can you explain this statement, if you will?

As many veteran players will point out, not using your Jagen is a “pitfall”. Jagens are a huge help to your early game and can help take down enemies you are struggling with, clear the chapters faster for you and the best of it all: set up kills for your weaker units. Having a Jagen really helps you start the game and makes it more fun in my opinion. I always like it to when they pop up in romhacks as well, as it means that the creator does not want you to have a hard early game.

If you like using good units, then use Jagens when you get them. Jagens are one of the best unit if not the best of your army when you start your new playthrough. Using your Jagen to set up kills (which is quite easy to do), will make your early game and your growth units a lot better than they would be without using a Jagen.


Preach. Jagens are based


Why, yes. Obviously, the Jagen is the best unit in the army at the beginning of the playthrough and makes everything much easier/faster. Hence why, whenever I use one, I feel like I’m cheating. I bench the Jagen to show the game that I can beat it without using an overpowered starting-unit it provides me like some sort of crutch. Benching the Jagen therefore makes the game way more fun for me.

I understand that others might think differently, but I didn’t appreciate him declaring anyone not using Jagens “bad”. It’s a difference in opinions.


If you like not using Jagens, that is fine of course! :smiley:
You do you! Everyone plays these games differently and that is what makes the community so fun. Fun to hear other people’s opinions about topics like this as well.



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How do you play Fe6 Hard Mode? Im legit curious.


I typically only use Jagen units during the early game windows where deployment is forced and their use alleviates tedium (see FE9 port map where you lose Oscar, Boyd, etc. and get Shinon and Gatrie instead) or doesn’t feel like they’re just hogging combat from other units.

Outside of that, I only use them if I want to use them as a character for a particular run of a game, with a set of planned units before starting (for supports or team balance or just because I haven’t used them before or because I really like them as a character and want to use them again). It’s how I approach most everyone on the roster, not just Jagens.

That’s kind of a problem I have with some Jagens. For example, Gunter from FE 14 has barely any character prominence or supports. It just feels like a waste of a slot. I can see the use early on, but their characters are usually weaker than other units available.

Character wise

I feel like an “I use some Jagens but not all of them” option would have been be a useful addition.


I never really set out to use the Jagen. There are a few specific things that I typically use Marcus for such as getting to the village in the Merlinus gaiden and getting to Priscilla’s village, but I never really send him into combat. In general, I tend to find the Cavalier/Paladin line kind of underwhelming in a lot of the games (not all), which may tie into my opinion of most Jagens.

It’s been a while since I’ve played Sacred Stones, but I’ve honestly never used Seth, and I’ve never had a good experience using Franz despite the generally high opinion of him in the community. The only Christmas Cavs I’ve ever gotten much use out of are FE1 Cain and Abel and Lance and Alan (and in my experience, they can’t do much on their own by the lategame), and I typically use Oscar in FE9. As a result, the typical Paladin Jagen seems pretty meh to me as far as being a unit that I’m going to enjoy using.