Do you think Kaga's Fire Emblem games were the best in the series?

  • Kaga’s games were the best designed
  • Kaga’s games were not the best designed
  • Kaga’s games were the worst designed
  • Kaga’s games were okay
  • Some of Kaga’s games were bad, some of them were good

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Kaga was the biggest name behind FE1 - FE5, for anyone like me who had to google that.

He also made the Tear Ring Saga games, which have similar gameplay.

And I found this tidbit mildly interesting:

Despite being the creator of Fire Emblem , Kaga was conspicuously unmentioned in the series’s 25th anniversary book The Making of Fire Emblem.

They don’t like him very much after he made Saga games and they went into a big lawsuit deal, not surprised they’re exempting him from credit in stuff like that


I’m not really a fan of the kaga games because most of the time the experimentation results in severe balance issues, but after laying the groundwork for Fire Emblem as a whole I feel that he didn’t deserve to get kojima’d by Nintendo.


He got some cool ideas, but the execution usually leaves alot to be desired, and i say that as a big FE5 fan.

Berwick i think is the closest he game to great execution, but even there there are some ‘‘Kaga why?’’ descisions.


Technically, Kaga got Kojima’d long before Kojima did, so…

Kaga did it first?

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Do you think Kaga’s Fire Emblem games were the best in the series?

As the resident Gaiden fan,

not at all lol


I like FE1…and by that I mean I like FE11.
FE3 is cool too but jesus fuck if it isn’t (and 12) a game of high highs and low lows, game’s a mess
but it’s still fun.
Imma have to give this question a solid NO.
Gaiden is…a game maybe.
FE4 is a mess.
FE5 has interesting ideas but actually playing it? …eeeeehh, I’m good.

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Whether you like him or don’t you gotta agree he at least made some Fire Emblem games.


As a berwick fan, kaga has the coolest concepts but his execution is wonky

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this is to be expected, the writers of the book most likely were just given information, it was likely that they had no idea who Kaga was, Nintendo just didn’t tell them

for the reason why it’s obviously because he quit and worked with other developers however I didn’t see Nintendo as the type of company to do this, it was most likely a decision from IS

For me, his insane designs are what made me love his games. Most of his level designs will intimidate you like hell at first, but it’s all “fair” in the end because if there’s anything Kaga do the best, it’s making the war of busted units. He’s not afraid of dishing those out and that made his games special.

Genealogy, Thracia, Berwick and Vestaria are all S-tier in my book, with Utna Heroes Saga lagging a bit behind. Haven’t played FE1 ~ 3 yet, so I won’t judge those.

what are you talking about? every fire emblem map looks intimidating as hell, have you forgotten the ninja cave? image

the only problem is that the boss isn’t that fair

I mean, it has happened before.
Near the beginning of the 2000’s, a year into the development of Star Fox 2, the game was almost finished when suddenly Nintendo cancelled the game, fired the lead programmer and took his code to make Star Fox 64. Dylan Cuthbert was never mentioned again by Nintendo until the actual release of Star Fox 2 for the SNES. Which was released in fucking 2018.
Supposedly they wanted to support new-generation 3d graphics instead of those in the SNES, so they axed the project. It’s scary that one of the best games of all time has such a shady backstory.

As of 1990, creating Fire Emblem was a great achievement.
I think it was a great idea to assign a medieval style world of swords and magic, whereas at the time, SRPGs were games where you fought with modern weapons like 大戦略(Dai-sen-ryaku / Great Strategy)).
It was also a great idea to simplify the display of terrain and other aspects of the game, making a complex SRPG game easy to play for everyone.

I also think that by creating a restriction that dead units cannot be revived again, they succeeded in portraying units as real people, not as expendable weapons.
There is even an anecdote that people who were test-playing this game to make a TV commercial kept playing it instead of making a commercial plan because FE was so interesting.

In FE3, the graphics have been enhanced and the beautiful characters and battle animations have won even more fans.
The charmingly drawn characters have also captivated anime fans.
Those who were hooked on FE created a sect that could be called FE教(FEism) and propagated it enthusiastically.

The same thing should have happened with FE4, but I don’t really know, since I played FE4 and FE5 quite late.
After FE4, the sequel was not released, and kaga left IS with FE5.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Gunpei Yokoi, who was the producer of the game, retired and later died in a car accident.
(Gunpei Yokoi’s name is credited as a producer in FE, but he was the engineer who created the Game Boy. )

Mr. kaga’s games are great, but they also have a lot of first-time-player-killer characteristics, sometimes knocking the player into hell.
I think FE5 and Berwick Saga are the worst examples of this.

I think titles that can stop that unreasonableness in the right place will be masterpieces.
No matter how much you like spicy food, there is a limit to how spicy it can taste.
Even if you like spicy food, you can’t eat something so spicy that you feel pain on your tongue.
I think title that is able to keep the spiciness in the right place is called masterpiece.


The ninja cave is barely any scary considering you’ll have the entire Nohrian nobles by then, especially Xander. The tight corridors are always in favor of the player (visually, at first glance) and the Dragon Veins give you that sense of “everything is in my control”. It’s only intimidating during the execution.

Compared to that, Kaga has maps like the infamous Beyond the River (Reinhardt’s map), Vestaria chapter 15, and basically mid-to-late game Berwick maps that look empty, because that’s where he will screw you up with Xystons.

I’m a strong believer in Fire Emblem’s capacity for interactive storytelling. In my opinion it’s a huge part of what sets FE apart from other games like JRPGs or even similar strategy games like Tactics Ogre or Advance Wars. I think many of the Kaga games, especially FE4, really tried to embrace the concept of interactive storytelling as much as they could. In this lens I think there’s a defendable argument that the Kaga games are the best in the series even if they aren’t flawlessly polished. I don’t think I’d call any of them perfect but I think they get closer to what I would see as an “optimal Fire Emblem game” than any other games in the series do.

Of course, this is strictly going off the criteria that what makes a FE game “best in the series” is dependent on how well it uses interactive storytelling overall.

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that project was axed because it was so close to the release to the N64, when they rereleased star fox 2 they did give credit, which makes Kaga’s absence in the 25th anniversary book ever stranger


They were the best Ragefest submissions ever created, that’s for certain

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