Do the fire emblem GBA games have different palette formats? [Solved]

Im asking this question because i was recoloring Eliwood with FE recolor,then decided to paste the hex data into bs pallete assembler,then his colors…turned into the demon child

So…notes on what i did…
1-Made Eliwood’s battle sprite into sacred stones
2-Changed his palette on FE recolor
3-Copied his hex data
4-Pasted it into bs palette assmbler with sacred stones rom opened.‘is this a rom’ checked,and nothing else touched
5-Saves the pallette into an unused one,I picked 6e
And thats all that i did
if all the fire emblem games have different pallette formats,then that may be my problem,if so,can anyone tell me the difference in the formats if there is any?
If not,then,do you know how to fix this color problem?

Ah,ok,i tried switching the palette to garcia,and it looks fine

What does this mean?
did i do something wrong in bs pallette assembler?

There is no difference in palettes between any GBA games, the way palettes are is related to hardware, you might find compressed palettes but all palettes are the same once loaded into ram.

FE8 does have more palettes in the rom for characters though, they are not set the same way as in FE7, I don’t do graphics so I’m not sure about the specifics.

Look at your palette in your emulator, if the colors seem correct you might have a palette order issue, if they are not then you probably failed at some step when importing/inserting the palette.

I am not familiar with the tools you are using so I can’t help with that.


You don’t have your pallete order right, As you use recolor, you need to set the data for the pallete creation first. Mind you, the original images have a blue background, you need to load the eliwood.dat file from the data folder, then your image will get the standard green BG. That way you get right pallete order for insertion and editing.

Thank you! It worked perfectly!


You are welcome :slight_smile: