Discourse features that disappeared mysteriously

I’ve been wondering why it looked like there was no activity on the entire site, then realized that it no longer shows the number of new/updated topics at the beginning of the title bar.
Also, there’s no site feedback category.

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I didn’t care about the site feedback thing, but the new/updated topics thing is really irking me. I want it back archibro.

“New(X)” “Unread(X)”

… I don’t see that anything has changed?

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I noticed that in posts with many replies, Discourse hijacks Ctrl+F to open the search bar. Before you could just press it again to use the normal find, but now you can’t even do that.

I noticed this yesterday, and it is really annoying.

…The only reason I know this topic exists is because of that feature you claim disappeared?

You can Ctrl+F normally here because it has fewer than 20 replies. Go to The Under and try it.

Part of the problem is the whole infinite scroll thing that discourse really likes

for a topic small enough it can load all replies at once and ctrl-F can search them properly

If there’s a huge number of posts, however, what would ctrl-F do? Should it just search among posts that have been loaded? Should it start loading posts and showing them as the topic loads (this is the current behavior, it’s just that discourse’s searchbar interface is far inferior to any browser’s)?

There have been many times I want to only search the posts that are loaded e.g. an extremely long wall of text post. Discourse search takes you to the start of the post in question, says “here you go, the word you’re searching for is somewhere in this 10,000 word post, good luck”.

Previously it would default to the “better” searchbar option while still allowing you to use the native search if you wanted to. Now they’ve taken away even the choice.

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Like up in the title bar, next to the icon. It used to be that when there was something new, you’d get a (1) before the title, but now it doesn’t do that.

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Yeah as a fellow firefox user I knew what you were talking about immediately. I think most people these days are using chrome though.

I use ff too and I still get those updates…

What version is yours?

version 40.0.3

Same here, 40.0.3. No idea what happened to it.

Yeah, I notice it missing too. If it still works for people in Chrome, it’s a glitch that I’ll have to report. Otherwise it’s probably just be the recent Discourse update deprecating that function. No clue why they would do that though.

Found it. In the settings, there’s now an option to show new/updated posts in title bar.
Why what would be moved off default, I’ve no idea.


seems fine to me