Did fecentral die?

Did fecentral die?
I haven’t been able to access it for the last few days.


Please let me know if anyone has created an alternative site.

There are the following sites, but since the UI is Japanese, I think it is difficult for English-speaking people to access.
In particular, the download button is written in Japanese as “ダウンロード”, so I think it’s difficult to understand.


It seems that all of Markyjoe’s websites are down, including his wiki, the Ragefest archives, and FE Central. A quick search on his discord server says he hasn’t been seen in six weeks, with his last messages stating he had got a job.
I don’t know of any mirrors of FE Central’s content, unfortunately. I do have the Ragefest archives backed up, but the later contests are quite large and I would have to strip out the non-hacks due to space issues were I to mirror them.