Did anyone ever make a Path of Radiance Reverse Recruitment patch?

The most I’ve seen is lists of proposed changes, but those seemed to have been dropped…

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FE9 has been awfully tough to hack.

I had assumed so…

I guess I can just manually input character bases and classes through the randomizer, but idk

How to use:

  1. Open GCRebuilder.
  2. Click “Image”, then Open. Select your PoR .iso.
  3. Right click on “root” on the very right with the file tree.
  4. Click “export” and select somewhere to extract all the files.
  5. When it is finished, replace the files in the “root” folder with all the files included in the “por-rr-files.rar”.
  6. Click “Image” then “Close” on GCRebuilder.
  7. Click “Root” then “Open”
  8. Select the “root” folder that you replaced the files in
  9. Click “Save” and select your old ISO, or even a new one.
  10. Click Rebuild.

A discord server I’m in had this pinned.

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