DGE 2: Duo Reclo Conquo

Hello FEU. The long awaited sequel to the infamous Duo Geno Escapo (DGE) has arrived! Oh and Happy New Year, I suppose.

The original hack, DGE, was started years and years ago when SageMatthis and I were bored. It was never meant to be released upon the world, but somehow we were convinced to do it anyways.
Due to the crude humor in the hack, it received a lot of backlash. But, it (surprisingly to some) got a lot of people saying they enjoyed it. A number of people even asked unironically if we were making a sequel. With encouragement for those people, shortly after releasing DGE we began work on the sequel: Duo Reclo Conquo. Most of the work in this hack was done in the year or so after the release of the first hack. However, more recently we revisited it to complete it. We followed same rules as the previous hack:

  1. No editing the other person’s chapter
  2. No going back and making edits to your chapter (except to fix major bugs)
  3. We would work independently of each other, where we are solely responsible for every other chapter. This time, @SageMatthis would do
    odd chapters and @CM9 would do even chapters.

Fair warning: While the humor in this hack isn’t as crude as the previous one, it still has humor some might find distateful. It should fall within FEU guidelines.

Plot Details (no spoilers):
It’s been 21 years since the end of the genocide Szarland attempted to inflict onto Rahatland. The entire continent of Suedia enjoyed a lasting period of relative peace, and relations were friendly between all the kingdoms. However this time of tranquility was to come to an abrupt end, as mysterious invaders from a faraway land arrive on their shores. Can Lau and Brandon, the former villagers who are now the kings of Rahatland and Szarland, stop them from enslaving the lands they worked to free?

You don’t need to have played the previous hack to enjoy or understand this hack.

What this features:
New storyline, new characters, returning characters, custom classes, custom animations, support conversations, new maps, custom items, custom tilesets, re-balanced: weapons, classes, characters, a multitude of custom ASM, and much more.

FAQ, please read.

Q: Is the humor in this hack as inappropriate as the previous one?
A: No. It still has crude humor, but not on the level of the previous one. If you’re not morally outraged at the existence of South Park, you shouldn’t be morally outraged at the existence of this hack.

Q: Did you make this less offensive to please the people who were offended on the last hack?
A: No. It’s just that we’ve realized a lot of that stuff isn’t as funny as we thought it was in our early teens.

Q: Why didn’t you change X about the characters?
A: While we could have made the main characters become less amoral/crude, it would contradict their established character from the previous game. We tried to keep the writing more-or-less in line with the previous hack. There are some parts of the hack where we tried to be more serious, but in retrospect it doesn’t quite fit with the overall theme of the hack.

Q: Why is there such inconsistency in characters? Why are there random difficulty spikes?
A: Because the nature of the hack’s creation. With each person more or less developing the chapter independently, it causes differences based on each person’s skill in writing and level design.

Q: Is the level design/balance better than the previous hack?
A: Yes. Especially compared to the early chapters of DGE. Gameplay is also improved due to much better balancing all-around.

Q: How many chapters are there?
A: More than 25, less than 35.

Q: How long does it take to beat the game?
A: Depends on your playstyle. Faster playing and story skipping could yield in-game times of 15~20 hours while a more relaxed and in-depth playthrough could range from 20~30 hours.

Q: Will there be another sequel?
A: No. But you’re welcome to make your own sequel or do whatever else you want with the characters and story from both DGE and DGE2. It would be cool to see a Crusader Kings 3 mod of this.

Q: Am I allowed to use any assets that you or SageMatthis created?
A: Yes, as long as appropriate credit is given to one or both creators.


All work from even chapters: CM9
All work from odd chapters: @SageMatthis
Most music, custom ASM*, custom items, balancing, behind-the-scenes mechanical work: SageMatthis
*excludes ASM by others


Get the patch here: UPS
This hack uses FE7 as the base.




what a way to start the year


And there you have it. After years of work, here is the sequel. Enjoy it.


No hack is gonna top this one for the years to come.

you cant just show up and upstage Engage like this my guy

intelligent systems is gonna take FEU down for outdoing them


Small thing, can you include unit growths in the main post for those ppl who can’t access FEbuilder whule playing?