Derserker with sword [first animation]

I saw someone had requested a Derserker with a sword so I made one. Feel free to edit it and or make it better. I’m planning on improving it when I have time.

Credit: Dervaperon and that one Chinese rommhack group



However, gif alone cannot be used by others.
Please zip animation dmp files and image sheets and post them to the animation repository thread.

That’s one of the best swordzerkers I’ve ever seen. The wind-up on the attack is epic. This is actually better than Yeti’s Berserker revamp from several years ago. The timing could use a little tweaking but the actual frames are excellent.

Is Japan.

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alright I’m on it!

Wow, I didn’t expect that much praise. Thank you, I will improve it eventually because I feel somethings are a little off.

The coloring on the sword is a little wonky, but like Klonk said, the actual frames in it look really good.

I‘m not really into GBA animations, but this looks badass. (Like a really good proof of concept)

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