{Deprecated}Nocturne - Count of Lies, Duke of Duty

The continent of Farldrom, founded by a sole fire dragon, hidden in the sea by rock spires taller than some mountains, is about to enter a time, although short, will leave scars on the land that
will never heal.
The leadership of Farldrom is divided between 4 territories: Farlia, said to be direct descendants of the first humans of the continent, the Farlia family has the most political power out of the 4. Lyrinia,
the militaristic sword of the continent, hailed to have the largest organized army on the continent.
Rudof, surrounded by the 3 other powers, Rudof is where those who don’t fit in with the rest of their
country end up. In the far north of the continent amid the frozen waters of the sea, lays the small country of Exisia, a country for the devout believers in Farlus.

The project will be a full retail game that, to be real will take many years to complete.
the rest of the project development will be here https://discord.gg/pPkfPCG
or on an eventually created website.
this post will eventually be deleted.


Good luck.

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Drafts are for work in progress posts, concepts are for hack ideas without any release. You’ve categorised it correctly.

While I’m here, three routes with 45 chapters is incredibly ambitious. It will take much longer than a year to complete. I wish you luck in your endeavour.


It’s not exactly 3 routes with 45 chapters the routes vary in length and have 7 shared chapters before the split. I was simply giving myself room to work with although I do think I might not have written it in the most straightforward way

Blockquote Nocturne will be a full length hack with anywhere from 22-45 chapters per route,
3 routes to pick to function as a difficulty selector

Blockquote As you can see this is a big project, I expect this will take upwards of a year to complete.

Hum. from I what I have heard around here. It will take a lot more than a year. Unless you only do that during that year without working or studying.

Based on my assumptions, you’re making a hack with at least 96 unique chapters (7 + 22 + 22 + 45, assuming the minimum unique chapters based on your estimates). That’s a lot of chapters. I don’t think any Fire Emblem game has that many unique chapters, and those that have a lot get around that by reusing maps and also having a professional team of developers working on the game for a paycheck.

If this is your first hack, I’d recommend going for something a little less ambitious, just so you can get the feeling for how hack development normally goes (and to help iron out mistakes in your methods). Most people don’t even finish a hack with one route, let alone three with many unique chapters. I’m not saying you won’t finish this hack; only that there’s a chance you’re biting off more than you can chew.

aight see y’all in 20XX

ok but 7743 is a god so it doesn’t count.


Kaitou has like 99 i think

Definitely not 3house

Thanks all of you for your concerns. This had been in development long before the post, and, as I said above I was simply giving myself room to work with. this is not my first hack (although it is the first one to be released). Truly I thank all of you for your concern.

In the year 20XX a super robot named Mega Man
was created.
Doctor Light created Mega Man
to stop the evil desires
of Doctor Wily.
However, after his defeat,
Doctor Wily created eight
of his own robots
to counter Mega Man


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