Death of GameOver Unit trouble

So, I did a bit of editing with the death quote editor and I set the main cast of character’s death quote to trigger event id 0x65, this worked fine in chapter 1. However, in chapter 2 after one of these units die, the GameOver screen is not activated until an action is made. Why is this and how can i fix it?

Wasn´t there a option within Nightmare to only cause a game over in certain chapters?
Kind of like with Pent, who causes a game over as a green unit in the desert but doesn´t do so when he joins you. Maybe you have it so that it only occurs in a certain chapter and you have to set it to 0x43 (Any chapter). Atleast that´s the number for FE7. If you use another game it might be different.

I figured out the problem, there’s an AREA event that covers the entirety of the map, which prevents the death quote from properly working with the ID

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