Death Event help

Is there any way to trigger a game over event if a certain character dies without using the “deathQuoteTable”?

I believe the only way to trigger a game over event is to trigger event 0x65. I’m not sure how else you could do this without just having the death quote for the specific character trigger event 0x65.

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this is correct but your events must also have the GameOverIfLordDies macro enabled

It wouldn’t work the same as using the Death Quote Table, but you could have an AREA event without an event ID spanning the entire map with an IFCD code and a GameOver code if it returns true. I think the game over would only trigger after another unit is moved, but it would technically work. You could also use this concept but with TURN events instead of AREA, but the game over would only occur at the beginning of whatever phase you specify.

Why can’t you use the death quote table?