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Heyo!, So I saw some people make these Creative threads to keep their stuff in one place and thought “Hey, I should do that!!”. I don’t have much put ya know might as well get my archiving stuff sorted and get some feedback and stuff. So far I’ve only made some animations but who knows I might try making portraits one of these days.


Copy Pasting from the Repo Thread:

What’s this?! no Monster Animation got into the repo since 2 months ago? Well, someone needs to change that. Here’s my first Foray into the world of Battle Animation
Got a couple of monster anims to show case:

Exhibit A is a semi repall-variant transformation animation as a follow up to the Kitsune animations made by ZoramineFae and using the female rouge made by {Temp, Black Mage, Wan} as a base, I thought I’d give a promotion for the kitsune thief with this

Kitsune-Rouge animation!!


I’ve made the sword animations and unarmed ones as well as you can see, the palettes line up so you can get a consistent color for all these animation!.

Exhibit B is a reskin of the archer bonewalker vanilla animation, inspired and as a counterbalance from the Legion reskin of the wight made by Seal, Blood and SaxMarine named:

The Wight Sniper!!


Too lazy to make the unarmed animations haha. I thought a pair of boots and chest ornaments would look good for a more light version of the legion variant. I’ve only made the Bow and Lance animation because those were the ones I need for my hack but I would be totally okay if anyone wants to add more weapon types for the base.

Anyways Enough rambling, here is the download link for those interested, along with proper credits:

Download My Creative Stuff Here!!!
(P.S please correct my post if there’s anything wrong with it, This is my first post on animations after all)


could you tell I like monster anims hehe


That first animation of the girl turning into a monster certainly caught me off guard lol. I like the monster animations too, keep up the good work!

(copy pasting from the repo thread)

Heyooo, been a while, so i decided to take a little break on developing my own personal hack and I took up a small personal animation project while at it, thought I’d share it to the repo in my not so secret agenda of encouraging more monster animations to be made…
Lemme introduce yall to…

The Drowned!!

And a recolored promoted version:

The Symphone!!
drowned Promo

That’s right a magic Zombie baby! (P.s the glaze color can be change separately), no melee animation as of yet but hey you could make one if you want. As like the one before these 2 are f2u/f2e. and are available here

Download my Creative Stuff Here!!!

Lore/flavor texts

A species of aquatic parasites which preys upon those who are lost to sea. It attaches itself to dead bodies that lay beneath the waves, keeping the body fresh enough to prevent rigor mortis from setting in using unknown magic all the while the head rots away leaving a perfect resting place for the parasite above the neck. After taking over for a long period of time, Some of the parasites eventually evolved to become a Symphone. Terrifying Sea Terrors which lead a group of Drowned to attack sailors and vasal ships. These monsters are the main reason why the people of Magvell have a tradition of burning their dead ones and why burial at seas are generally forbidden on most parts of the continent

Oh yeah btw I know it sounds like cheap marketing but I’m doing a sort of “Build my class” based on these animation, The idea is that Feu users can vote on the stats, niches and other aspects for the new class I’m going to attach these animations to. Be sure to check out my thread here If you find the idea interesting!!


Also I made some PvZ sprite as a non fe sprite project:
Project Pee shooter

Project Pee shooter

Project Pee shooter(sticker)

Look at dem babies, You’re free to do what you want with them. Like maybe use the last one as an emote to say “Ooo” in a realization kinda way for quirky friends or whatever haha


Ooohhh cool

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Next up, Project Cool nut!!
The Wallnut Project Glasses
The Wallnut Project Glasses

Also have the original:
The Wallnut Project2
(might make a different emote for this one

Anyways, as always, do what you want with them!!.


Hey guys, so little update. As you probably aware, the repo got updated today, Which means…

That’s RIGHT, you can finally download these babies directly from the repo!!.

But, don’t worry I didn’t just posted to gloat but also to show you guys…


These, walking animations (and later the map animations) for the Drowned and Symphone class!!.

that I’ve been making with the help and supervision of a friend (I’ll be sure to credit him once it’s released, don’t wanna put unnecessary pressure on the guy).

Now it isn’t quite finished, probably needs some more detailing and stuff like that but, I should be able to finish it in a bit more, implement it in my hack for the next release and stuff along with the new class and battle animation of course!!.
Also, yes these will be put into the repo as well.

Anyways, do feel free to reply if you have any thought of the map sprite, It’s a new process to me, so ya know…


Snake Tip


Made 2 Loading Screens, don’t know if they’ll be any good, I think I made them too small lol. but hey if you wanna stare at loading screens here ya go lol. As always use them however ya want, maybe as a quirky “I’ll be back soon sticker” i guess


ghost Hug

Made this today, f2u of course, send it to a person you care about today okay hehe


Copy Pasting from Repo Thread:

Ladies and Gentleman, for too long Baels have suffered in fire emblem, no 2 range, crappy stats, low tier monsters. BUT NO MORE I say NO MORE!!

Behold!! Part 1 of what i call the Bael Expansion!!

The Bael Rider!!




Now lets just say working with legs are a lot of pain and these are not perfect but hey, it’s a cav on a giant spider!!

now for some…

Flavour Text/Lore

Bael Riders or Bael Knights are seen few and far between. It takes not only masterful handling but also a fearless rider to truly become effective as a Bael rider. It is a dangerous profession as well, as unlike Horses, Pegasus and some Wyverns breeds, Baels are truly dangerous and intelligent monsters.

It is a false assumption that the rider controls the Bael, rather the Bael has respected the rider enough to let them be in control. Those who fail to remember this has ended up hurt or worse, eaten by the Baels they try to ride. Wyvern riders might have a slightly easier time then other mounted soldier to transition, as the strength you need to ride a wyvern could at the very least give you a basis on how to treat Baels as a mount.

In exchange of this difficult and often dangerous process however, those who succeed are granted access to all the full might of a Bael, it’s towering high ground advantage over other mounts and excellent and adept mountain traversal, only topped with getting a lifelong and loyal companion. As when you earn a Bael’s respect you earned it for life. In fact there have been some reports of riders who have grown old or fallen in combat and their Baels curling up beside them and passing along with.

As always you are free to edit/use this with credit and you can download it from here:

Download my Creative Stuff Here!!

Also thanks to Zoramine Fae on helping with advice on this project and they’ll be dropping their own version of this animation soon, So look out for that people!!

Sneak peak of part 2 of the Bael Expansion


That’s right I strapped a ballista on a Bael!! a Bael-lista you could say


I suddenly feel like making a Fargus spinoff which is him just sailing around with his crew and killing sea zombies while Eliwood fights the Black Fang :stuck_out_tongue:

Copy Pasting from Asset Thread:


hey, it’s me back with part 2 of the Bael Expansion
Ballista, Bael, combine em together what do you get?

A Baellista!! That’s right!!




Both Horizontal and Diagonal firing included!! topped with a melee as well
now for some…

Flavour Text/Lore

War baels or as some (with a sense of humor) would call it Baellistas are a central part of some ancient civilization’s war tactics. Before the invention of the wheel, transports of such heavy weaponry was thought of as an impossible feat, that is until people discover that feral Baels could support the weight fairly well and transport it through difficult terrain. Such was the first instance of domestication of Baels, eventually giving rise to the modern Bael riders of the continent.

Nowadays you’ll scarcely see any more War Baels deployed in the battle field, for as useful as they are to transport the Ballista through difficult terrain, A Bael needs to have extraordinary strength and stamina to be more effective than the modern wheeled Ballista. Still, once in a while you’ll see some War Baels deployed in a difficult battle in which case they can very quickly turn the tides of battle by shooting at the enemy from extremely difficult to reach places

And… the Download link

Download my Creative Stuff Here!!


Your Best friend: Bro your Waifu is Trash!!
Your Waifu:
Your Waifu is Trash Bro!! (shirt Edition)

F2U for memeing and trolling purposes only.


koi (cicrle)

I'm not impressed

Also made these, forgor to upload em here


Copy pasting from repo thread:

Ladies and Gentleman, in life there are many mysteries, why is the sky blue? what is the meaning of life, why are there so few reskins or variants on the gorgon, why do we not have snake waifus in the repo?
Well i have the answer to all those questions right here:





Boasting 108 frames on the magic, featuring staff and refresh animations as well, this has got to be one of the biggest projects of mine to date (frame wise) after weeks of dedication, annoying the spritans pros by constantly posting it for feedback, dealing with hair, arms and tail issues, it has finally been completed

ON top of that:


She even has map animations!! made by the one and only An odd Dutch Introvert!!
so what are ya waiting for folks? getcha lamia right now and stop starring at ugly gorgons all day!!

now on to…


Journal entry number #49
Lamias’s are such seldomly seen in magvel that most citizens don’t even know what they’re called when they see one, even the most prolific of scholars have very little info on these majestic secretive creatures. However, the one i’ve seen during my childhood compels me to search for the truth of their nature. Perhaps if i do so, i might have a chance to find “her” again. It is only natural i suppose for it was her kindness that saved my life. Still i can’t help but worry of what might befall me if i do meet another lamia, was my experience a subjective one? stitched on by my mind during the sparce moments i was awake in that cave? was her intentions pure or did she only see me as a plaything or object of amusement? I do not know. I suppose i’ll never settle that until i find another lamia, and i will.

Journal entry number 50#
I’ve looked through some of the oldest tomes on monsters in the most archaic of libraries through out Magvel, even in the most ancient ones, written at a time where the continent should be filled with monsters, there are sparce info on the lamia race. Despite that however, i did found a few passages delegated to describing the Lamia’s nature. Below i have translated the ancient tongue into readable language

“an unusual species of Gorgon whose beguiling voices attract much attention. They often live in solitude, but groups are known to gather once per year to sing together under the moonlight to exercise their vocal chords. Some theorize they were originally the spawn of Gorgon and humans.”
~ Dutchie

“From all the creatures of the Old Night, it was the Lamia that were the most threatening. While most Gorgons appear monstrous, the Lamia can take forms most pleasing to the eye. In the darkness of the night, they seduce unsuspecting warriors, kidnaping them and carrying them to gruesome deaths.”

~The Count

“Afraid to talk to women irl? wishing to experience a new world of dating as a whole? into monster girls? Well then head on over to Anna’s monster dating service, for the low-low cost of a red gem, you get to have a 2 hour date with one of the beauties in my bar, centaurs, Succubuses, even have the super illusive lamia, we have all of em here!! opens 6 PM to 5 AM!!”

note: red gem payment doesn’t include touching fee


Once in a blue moon, a Gorgon “wakes up” from her slumber different from her sisters, instead of being a mere tool of evil, it develops a conscious, morality, the capacity to do good. It starts observing humans, envy and amazement in it’s heart as it realizes how different it is to it’s sisters and how human like it feels. One day, one saves a human, being injured in the process by it’s sister pack. In a cave, while she raps her protective tail around him as a means of warming him up, her strength gave way and she passed on. However this singular act of kindness awakened an all powerful unseeable being and she was given a new form and a second chance in life. Some say she’d later ended up marrying the man she saved, others have a more grim account of the man slaying her out of fear or disgust, by all accounts we’ll never know for certain
“There you go kid a bed time story, satisfied?”
“Your bed time stories are the worse mom”
“Sure-sure, just go to sleep please?, not much going on in mama’s head right now, too tired”
“Fine!!, but you better make it up to me with tomorrow’s story”


Anyways here’s a link to my drop box as usual

Download my creative stuff here!!


Copy pasting from repo thread:

Alright people a bit of a lower effort submission this time but i noticed the Valk had the perfect motion for a dagger throw, and we need more dagger anims so, tada!!

Dagger valk!!

We got regular dagger:

Magic Dagger:

And the epitome of perfection… da-tarata!! The Daggerang!!, it’s perfectly sync with the handaxe spell anims.

As always, here’s my dropbox:
Download my Creative stuff here!!

Cause this is just a normal valk i guess we’re not getting any lore… SIKE of course there’s gonna be lore


As many people may know, Valks often uses staff and magic, however some valks were not as lucky to have been born with the raw magical talents for magic usage. Staves are relatively simple to use magic wise, however offensive magic was another beast entirely. It requires a lot of training and focus for someone to channel their magic and focus it to attack, something even harder to do for someone not naturally gifted in the mystical arts.

Valkyries which choose daggers over magic are prime examples of human adaptation in this regard. What they lack in the wide area damage magic valks have, they make up with deadly precision and singular lethal strikes, they are the perfect counter for fast opponents thinking they can disturb the enemies lines by taking out a defenseless slow valk. Sometimes high ranking members of the dagger valk corp would even be given premium made magic daggers which allow even the weakest of mages to channel magic.

Still, even though it takes hardwork and dedication for a person to become skilled in throwing daggers precisely on the battlefield, especially while on horseback. There are still very harsh critiques over dagger valks. For example, some people said they defile the ethics of a healer for choosing such an “unfair” weapon to protect themselves, others say that regular valks are superior to their dagger counterparts. However, you’ll never hear anyone say these out loud while the dagger valk corp walks through town, as it is easy to lose your head if they were to hear you say so. Whatever your opinion of them are, there’s no denying how effective they are as soldiers and support on the battlefield


Wolf Laguz Final

Wolf laguz battle animation, edge frames made by vilk and wolf sprite by velvet, was thinking of posting this here in case anybody is interested in scripting it? I’m gonna start working on the untransform anim



Scripting is done in builder, thought I should ask if anybody is interested in making map animations?