Dark Deity tier list Diety difficultly

Because the popular one on the internet is just that wrong.

S tier Alden Iris Monroe Vesta Rose Faust Maren Helena
A tier Cia Sloane Maeve Lincoln Thae’Lanel
B tier Irving Garrick Aurima Caius Alexa Corvan
C tier Sophia Elias Brooke Ford Wren Sara
D tier Samara Benji
Unranked Bianca, fell out of use by accident Fenton, just recruited him at a bad time same as Liberty

And yes that’s a lot of high-ranking units because they’re all really good if you use them correctly. Alden is obvious. Iris seems useless because the first three stages she looks like crap due to her defenses. You just class her into a gale then a windrunner and give her the aspect that sets magic to zero but buffs defenses. Her class crit weapon will always have a weight of one. Monroe just needs to have life steal from the conjourer class. And all healers are important Faust even gives you crit. Rose has unnoticed if anything ever gets hectic.

I spent no gold used very minimal upgrades zero stat boosting items and had no trouble making it through the game.

Right and so I’ll say further is that I almost put Irving and Alexa in A tier and I kind of feel like they should be maybe S. I made them both knights and champions. Giving them a stupid amount of hit points and defense. They might be A or S but like I said I didn’t really upgrade any weapons. In the harder difficulty the most important things are tanking and healing. Alden Iris and Monroe are too three because they can damage and tank really well. The two of them could change the endless waves of chapter 26 for quite some time. Mages hurt a bit cuz I didn’t make them defenders but just be careful.

And why is Caius B tier despite how high his growths are? By that point Garrick already has some levels Maeve is close at hand. A lot of them will get the speed to double anyway as long as you know how to manage your weight. He just didn’t really feel necessary. Archers aren’t any good to me until they become snipers so I make them striders. And Rose did just fine and has a better passive. I just never really saw a need to use him. He’ll get a lot of speed in the end and that will lower the hit rates of the enemies but it won’t stop them from critting which is the real pain. They should never be in range of much of anything to have to dodge I just never saw a use for the guy.

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