Dancer from FE 7 Map sprite bug? [Solved]

Ok,So,i’ve imported the Ninian Map sprite from GBAGE and even made sure it was the right size
but when i actually saw how the moving map sprite looked like, i was spooked

because of this, can anyone give me a cleaner copy, or tell me what’s wrong?
I would apreciate the help!

Nothing is wrong with the map sprite. That’s just how it’s formatted. What are you trying to do with it?

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It isn’t a bug - remember that Ninian has a unique map animation for dancing when animations are off. That is what you’re seeing there.

I was trying to replace it with tethys map sprite, also,when i actually added it into the game, it started to be cut in half…
Can’t show you this now, but I’ll ypload an image when i can

Alright, here are the buggy pictures-
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d3e192e61df2dc8186e3b495e956a37c2d3207ec.png" width=“210” height=“152”
Soooo…any suggestions to fix this?

what game are you trying to put it into?

For dancers’ animation, not only images but also AP data are necessary.
A pointer to the AP data is next to the pointer of the image.

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Hmm… So i tried entering that AP into sacred stones, but all it did was brick the game, so… Anything i cann do?

Oh, nevermind, i noticed import ap
Ok… Where does one put that AP.?

Oh… Ohh… Ok i get it, I’ll try again and see what happens