Da Wasspix Thread

Hello! I’ve been in the community for about a year now, but never really got around to going onto the forums much. I’ve been working on a hack for sometime, but I’d love to share some of my creative assets! Special thanks to many, but especially to Shark3143, Zoramine Fae, Krashboombang, and Xilirite for getting me as far as I’ve come. A dedicated Fire Emblem: Stargazer thread will be released one day, but for now, I want to keep the cards in my hand. So, let’s show some of those sweet sweet resources!

Woah, a new category?? Well, I’ve had a busy week, primarily because of these two bad boys. With some help from Buskhusker, Obsidian, Xilirite, and Shark3143, I put together my first two customs! They are not F2U at the current time. I spent a lot of time on these, and plan on having one more in the future! Don’t have frames yet, but expect em soon.
Orion, the main lord. The eldest prince, and one with a strong moral code. Orion cares deeply for his family, and seeks the best for his homeland. This one had some touchups from buskHusker!
The middle sister of the group, Klara! She’s the studious type, but isn’t afraid to do the tough thing when it comes to it.
Grant, the youngest royal sibling of Grussel. He’s a bit of a hothead, and his carefree demeanor adds a lighter streak to his companions.

Who’s this? A third man?? While I had initially just wanted to make my lords customs…I got a little carried away with Cowan here. One of the dual guard captains of the capitol, he takes his job seriously- despite his snide attitude.
Cowan New Pauldron

If only it stopped there. Three more!
Holly, a young shaman, and forefront of the discipline. She’s eager to prove herself to her older siblings.

Sprite edit of the Royal guardsman and retainer, Mortimer! He can be a harsh fellow, but he’s a goodnatured companion.

Barolo, a shy knight who was only recently admitted to the force. He’ll do his best, as he has a royal title to uphold.


I’m still new to the discipline, but hey- when did that stop anyone. As per the request of some associates, I’ll be holding onto a few of my splices, but I can show a nice sampling.

Julia, an archer from the same country as our friend Orion, but a simple soldier. She’s a tough one at heart, and more than patriotic.
20-Julia (2)

Gabriel, A Nobleman who was injured in battle, now relegated to the sidelines. He’s taken a liking with some of the peasent folk around.

Now, I have about 20 splices in lieu for my hack, but for one reason or another I’d like to hold onto them for now. Look forward to seeing more in the future though! Orion is not F2U, but Gabriel and Julia are free to go ham with.


Music is something I’d love to get more work on! I plan on having about 20 custom tracks, but most are far from being finalized. Stay tuned!


Oh boy. The big one. I love to make maps, so that is what I have done. There’ll be two categories here- ones I plan on using myself, and F2U ones. I’m sure many of you have spotted these in the discord.

I’ll share my finalized maps first, as many of my map back catalog are in need of some changes.
Chapter 1- Celebration. Start top center, boss bottom center. (Edited version of Gamma palette!)

Chapter 2- Above the Flames. Start on the left, boss bottom right. You have ally lookouts, but the enemy has their sights on em! (Thanks to Zoramine for Tileset!)FEBuilderGBA_0njyRfsZQN

Chapter 3- Curses of Strength. Start bottom center, boss mid right. The bridge is crossable in both directions, so take advantage of that. (Thanks to N426 for tileset!)

3x - Quaint Shopping Chapter. Cute, innit?

Chapter 4 - Home. Taking back the palace from enemies, the players start bottom right and must reach top right. (Thanks to Zoramine for tileset!)!

Chapter 5 - Contingency. Start bottom right, chase boss to the gate.
Chapter 6 - Inception. Fight the boss on his throne! (Once again, Zora Fort!)

7 - 10 are in the works.

An older map, chapter 11. We’ll see more of this later.

F2U maps

Now, F2U Maps and Palettes. I’ll be posting more F2U maps over time, but here are a few I’m glad to hand out. DM if you’d like to use em!

Make sure you have Zoramine fields!



Now for palettes!!
Dry Stronghold. (Community stronghold.)

Tileset Palette Stargazer.gba_Plains2(2E 34 30 00 00)_swap_1

Temperate Fields. (Zora Fields!)
Tileset Palette Stargazer.gba_Castle4(18 B9 1A 1C 00)

Iron Tunnels. (Zora tunnels, got his help with the palette.)
Tileset Palette Stargazer.gba_Black Temple(5F 60 61 00 00)

Sunset Fields. (Edited Gamma Palette)
Tileset Palette Stargazer.gba_Fields3(01 4C 03 05 00)

Icy Fields.

Tileset Palette Stargazer.gba_Fields4(01 5B 03 05 00)

Frosty Fort (Zoramine tileset!)Tileset Palette Stargazer.gba_Fort2(3C 68 3E 00 00)_swap_3

Twilight MountainousTileset Palette Stargazer.gba_Mountainous2(6C A3 6E 05 00)

(Specifically RW edit!)

Cold Frontier. (F2U upgrade.)

Tileset Palette Stargazer.gba_Temple(88 89 8A 00 00)

Dry Village. (N246 Tileset.)

Tileset Palette Stargazer.gba_Village2(0E 72 10 12 00)_swap_1

Edited N246 Village!
Tileset Palette Stargazer.gba_Village(0E 0F 10 12 00)_swap_1

Wooh, that was a lot. Hopefully there’s some good stuff here though! Feedback is always appreciated.


Wow, your maps look great!


Thank you! I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking 'em, haha


If Wasspix is so good, why isn’t there a Wasspix 2?

Bad joke aside, your maps are some of my favourites in terms of aesthetics.
Huge fan of icy frontier palette.


Oh my, that’s high praise! Thank you so much!

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may I introduce you to the [details] function? It might clean up this first post a bit

bout time you made a thread friendo

Welcome to the big boys club! Can’t wait to see your maps and portraits four years before you post them to here as per usual!

i don’t have anything really productive to add but uhhh…

i can vouch he do the good map


Thank you for the vouch, haha. I’ll make some edits to the thread!

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Added a category for the customs!


Cowan mug has been added! He’ll be F2U once I add frames, but make sure to credit myself and Shark3143. Recoloring/Splicing is heavily advised, as too keep their identities distinct.


Still working on those frames, I promise !
But in the meantime, take a more updated Cowan.
Cowan New Pauldron

However, I do have a handful more to show off!
Remeber that Middle sister I mentioned! She’s finally here! Edits from the amazing Zoramine!


Barolo, a knight in training and noble man. The hair is kinda “I’ll put a pin in this” kinda thing, and I’ll finish him up someday soon.

A sprite edit this time. Royal guard captain Mortimer! Based off of an Orson-Eubans-Breguet splice.

My most recent, Holly. A Shaman noblewoman, she takes her training seriously but doesn’t care much for some of the things that may entail.

When Bolaro is 100% done, He’ll be 100% F2E!


And I’ll link some more palettes here.
Zora Fields- Night
Fields - Swamp
Zora Fort - Arid
Zora Fields - Warm
Tileset Palette newrommeme.gba_Fields2(01 38 03 00 00)
Tileset Palette Stargazer.gba_Castle4(18 B9 1A 1C 00)
FEBuilderGBA_BI5je6fizw FEBuilderGBA_JrYdhnzbiS

Palettes are free to use with credit! The last map is as well, so contact me if you’d like to use it.


Heads up even if I’m not doing stuff atm, uploading images to FEU breaks the palette order. You need to use Mediafire/Dropbox/Google Drive.

Found that out the hard way over two straight days helping someone early 2020.


Oop. My bad! I can sort this out

Cowan New Pauldron

I like this guy! He has a “If Narcian From FE6 was a Etrurian General” Feel In my opinion! Awesome!

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hi guys im not dead just busy : ) Hack is still in progress. Thread will eventually be updated