Cute Mug Voting!


Vote for the 4 entries for the Cute Mug Contest!!!

  • Xenith Rosetta

  • Der Half Emblem Girl Person

  • Sme Cutest Boy

  • Melliel Mug aka Aalware

0 voters


For what it’s worth, I thought all of them were cute!


The mugs may be cute, but the artists are the true cuties.


y’know why do we need to vote when we can instead hug the artists, the true cuties


this isn’t related to anything but I needed to point this out.



Probably one more day for voting so get in your votes people!!!


mell is an absolute goddess


Hey, now. Sona won, not me. She’s the goddess here.


Hey now. You’re an Aal star.


Get your game on


GX theme starts playing


Guess @Melliel’s Aalware Mug won! Thanks for all who voted and stuff uh thanks k bye