Custom Staff Animations

So, from what I’ve just observed, staff scripts function differently than regular spell animation scripts. Does anyone know what codes you’ll need to actually script them?

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Actually, I don’t, but just dump one of the animations using Febuilder, it dumps the whole script with a comment on every command and what it does

The spell animation scripts ripped from the game don’t contain any codes, only the frames for the animation itself

no, they definitely contain the script. you have to dump it in txt format (whole frames).
To answer your question, it’s really no different, just call a C05 when you when the staff’s magic animation to play, and then C01 C06 where you want it to end.
The difference with some vanilla staff animations is the lack of C06 - there’s no reason to not have a C06, but it isn’t necessary for staff animations. You could use any magic animation as a staff animation and it should work fine.
Case in point, here’s an example using the Mage’s casting animation as a staff animation.

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I think I’ve been misunderstood, when I say staff animations, I mean the Spell Animation each staff is associated with