Custom Battle Animations guide?

Hey all Scott here! I’m Interested in giving a go at Animations, however I didn’t see anything in the tutorials. I’d probably start with just editing (don’t we all). However, I’m not sure were to start; does one edit each individual png file, is it the sheet you edit, or is there something I’m missing all together? Thanks for any help! :call_me_hand:t2:

I’m not that experienced with making animations, even though I have made one.

My tip: Try looking at how vanilla Fire Emblem GBA handles animations. There is no better way to learn, than to learn it from the masters!

I also vaguely remember some tutorials on youtube that were about animations and how to make them. Maybe if you search for fire emblem GBA custom animations on youtube you will find something?

Best of luck with your animations!

It’s much easier to edit the individual frames than to mess with the compressed sheets.

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Yeah, I personally started with just editing each individual frame and then setting it to a premade script. Then once you load it in FEBuilder you can just have it spit out the sheet and everything else you might need.

Blazer’s ultimate tutorial has info on making custom animations. That thing’s ancient though idk if it’s outdated at this point, but it was relevant when I used it recently to refresh myself on how they work.

You could also use FEBuilder to dump one and work with that as a base. Use the “battle animation there is a comment” from the dropdown. It’ll dump all the frames as their own image and a script in the form of a txt file with comments on what mode is what and what the commands do.

If you’re asking from a workflow angle, you’ll want to take all the frames and open them in an animation program (or at least a program that can open them all as one file as layers, then export the layers back out as individual images) so you can flip through the frames easily to make sure your edits are consistent.


Thanks! I’ll check out blazers tutorial… any suggest for an animation program?(preferably free to cheap)

Personally I use paint .net, its what im most use to. But Aseprite have a useful layer feature that is very useful when spriting. Though, the only free version of it is limited.

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I use Aeseprite now, but I paid for it

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