Custom Animations for Noobs

Hi Noobie here
Wanted to ask how to make battle animations
Custom, Reskin, Variant, otherwise
All I keep seeing from tutorials are usually
get a script the (text file)
The sprites

Here’s the problem
What the hell are sprites?
Theyre the battle animation image thingy’s?
OK where do I find them?
How do I edit those? Reskin or make custom

Please explain in not too technical terms
Thanks in advance

I’m not an expert, but I think I have the basic knowledge required to explain.

In computer graphics, a sprite is any cohesive set of pixels that are treated by the engine as a single entity. More specifically in this context, ‘sprite’ refers to the unit who will be displayed on screen during combat. Each frame introduces a set of changes to the sprite which, put back to back, form a combat animation.

Therefore, to change the animation, you have to edit the individual frames using an image editor designed for low-pixel work (The general consensus seems to be to use the “usenti” editor)

Exception: Changing the palette of a unit is way, way easier than changing every color in the original animation. Just upload the anim as usual, and (If the title is accurate in saying you use LT), go to the palette editor, scroll down to the bottom (where the default palette for the new anim is), click the palette you want to change, click the “autoselect animation frame” button so you can check your edits in real time, and get to work!

Hope this helps, I’m not an expert or anything though, so if I’m wrong, someone please correct me!

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ok, Now I’ve Understood How To Reskin The Images using usenti and the combat palette editor of Lex
also Thanks @PhoenixRadiant for telling me what sprites are

but what im more asking bout the sprites are like how to make them or where to find them.
how to utilize those sprites to make my own combat animations
doesnt need to be flashy can be even just simple change to the animation

how would i go about actually editing them?