Custom Animation Help

Hey guys, this may seem like a very trivial question but let me assure you this is not as easy as it sounds!

First I know how to insert the animations and how to fill out the custom animation tables in the nightmare program, nevertheless they don’t show in game!

Here is photo proof:

But in game it only shows the map animations.

Thank you in advance!

I do not see what you are doing wrong but can be that the character that are you using has a custom animation programmed in him character editor slot… im not sure but you check that

dragonstones might have some special rules with regard to animations, have you tried doing it for any other weapons slots/types?

Ah ok I will check that.

And yes I have done it for other classes and weapons before and it gives me the same results as the dragonstone lol. Funny thing is that I never had problems doing this until this summer XD

I just checked I put the class that is using the animation over the Nomadic Trooper and the character I have for the unit is Eliwood which doesn’t have another custom animation associated with him.

Wow OK I found the reason why it wasn’t working and its so ridiculous. Apparently, the new FE7 modules that I got from 6/22/17 this year the Custom Animation modules were bad! And when I downloaded the ones on FE Shrine and used them it worked!