[Custom Animation] Alternate General Sword animation?

I vaguely recall seeing an alternate animation set for Generals wielding Swords that somebody had made, that was designed to be much more aesthetically in line with the Lance and Axe animations (the General would throw the sword, then pull it back on a chain as with the other two weapon types). It included a completely redone sword design, too.

It’s entirely possible that this was never a thing, and if it is but isn’t something available for general use, that is 100% okay, too! I just ask since the repo doesn’t seem to have it, and, on the off chance that it is available for general use, I would love to replace the vanilla General sword animation with it in my hack.

Any help or info is appreciated!

Sounds like the FE7x Sword General animation, which AFAIK isn’t publically available.

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Ahhh, alright!

That’s just fine! There isn’t really anything wrong with the vanilla animation or anything; I just thought something that matches the lance and axe animations a bit better would be nicer!

Thanks for answering!