(Currently) making a sacred stones rom hack

So, basically I’m making a sacred stones rom hack with an original story, world and characters
I’m trying my best since this is my first project
But I swear when I say this that it’s gonna be good
It’s gonna bring new stuff to the table
I’m planning to call the game fire emblem rebirth but that may change

Please do show us what progress you have on the hack.

The only thing I see in this concept is a hack title: “fire emblem rebirth”.
You know, a hack title already taken by an FE11 hack.

I’m with Viv, I wanna see your actual progress. :neutral_face:

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Well it’s the first name so I don’t really have a real name yet
Have any ideas?

I’ll show my progress by making a 3 chapter demo when I get 3 chapters done