Current ways to get skills in FE7?

What are the ways to add skills from PoR, RD, and awakening right now, and what are the issues with implementing skills if there are any?

The best way to get skills in FE7 is to stop hacking FE7 and hack FE8 instead, since there’s a really neat skill system already made for 8


Not only what MC said, but FE8 has a lot more newer work being done on it if I’m not mistaken.

Ways to add skills: assembly.
Issues with implementing skills: lack of time and motivation on the part of those who could actually do it.


The other possibility is using FEBuilder and a Japanese rom for FE7. I think FEbuilder has a skills patch for FE7J.

But why would you want that when the fe8 skills patch is just better?

Sorry for the late reply but my profile should tell you why that is but to answer your question, to use all the graphics and offsets of the original game, plus there is only a Str and Mag split for FE7 right now and it could be brushed up to be glitch free.

Couldn’t you just take the FE7 graphics over to FE8? You can still insert the tilesets, anims and portraits over without any issues.

Why do that when I could just fix up FE7?

Because it’s way faster and easier than fixing up FE7?

Including adding in the spinning circle after pressing start at the title screen, the opening, all the chapter names, the tiles, chapter events, the items, I just think it’s best to stay with FE7.

it would still be faster to port the graphics over to FE8, or just not stress about minor details like a spinning wheel that the player will see for 5 seconds max


It’d still be faster porting all that over.

…People will still know it’s ported to a different game if that spinning circle is gone, and I don’t want that, I want people to know this is still the same base game.

Then just work on putting the spinning circle into FE8 which would be the easier thing to do or just to stop caring if people know which base game it is since no one actually cares?

Why do you want to hack FE7? What practical benefit do you gain from hacking Blazing Sword? The skill system was designed for Sacred Stones. And unless you want to do a lot of work porting it to FE7 yourself, on Sacred Stones it will stay. And if all you really want to do is play FE7 with skills, then you’re just outta luck.

All the original stuff and hardcoded asm is already there.

And what about your project demands FE7 usage? Is it a reskin, or something more advanced?

Heavy revamp or remake but not really to change the story (just a few additions) basically just the gameplay.

STILL easier to port to FE8

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Hey, you can put the spinning circle thing into FE8 now, Leonarth made a patch for it.