Ctb's List of Hack ideas

Like it says on the tin. It’s my list of hack ideas that I hope to one day do myself,help others with,or inspire people to make themselves.

They’re in order of how long they’d be. Few chapters on top and full length hacks on the bottom.

If you get inspired don’t worry about having to follow my chapter limits or what I have exactly you do your own thing. Use whatever game you want.

1 to 2 Chapters

After Party Brawl - The adults of fire emblem [insert game here] throw a wild party and wake up with hangovers and someone else’s weapon. Before they can return everyone’s stuff though they’re set upon by the enemy. The goal is to get enough people their weapons and staffs so that they can slay the boss.

  • Not meant to be taken seriously but keeping people in character would be best
  • Could include characters in houses who are too hung over to fight but gives you what they woke up with.
  • Characters who didn’t go to the party or left early or just didn’t drink could be coming to save them too.
  • any sex mentions are to be consensual who wants the heros to be sex pests?
  • Could easily be a crossover go nuts

One-person army - You pick one character. You have to kill all the enemies.

  • Difficulty depends on who you pick.
  • Need enough weapon uses that you could reasonably kill everyone without relying on rng
  • enemies also have to be reasonable numbers and placed well to avoid near impossible odds.
  • characters should all be at the same starting level for fairness sake.

When Bern came. - the day the world came crashing down for Lugh, Chad, and Raigh

  • Basically just a sad day of escaping Bern and protecting the kids.
  • If npc kids included must make sure they aren’t dumb enough to run into Bern soldiers.
  • if I made it the father dying isn’t going to be Lucius. Mostly because they didn’t say he was the one who died to Bern meanwhile they made it very obvious Canas died by flat out saying it.
  • In fact I’d most likely have Lucius appear to help but have been unlucky enough to not have made it in time to save the other father.

Super smash Emblem? - It’s characters from smash bros but in fire Emblem.

  • The chance of getting everyone in is small I mean have you seen Ssbu’s current roster size?
  • Basically an excuse to go wild with custom classes.
  • 10000% including duck hunt.
  • Easier the character is to make/find a spirte of the more likely they are to get in.

Dating Emblem - Nothing but supports

  • Idk just edit the game to let you pretend to ‘date’ people at a speed dating like event
  • You so and see the ‘C’ and ‘B’ Supports but you A support with the person you pick
  • no dating kids allowed
  • crack pairings would be unavoidable.
  • Tend again who wants to avoid them?

Mystery mansion - A murder and/or theif of something/someone important takes place and it’s up to you to solve the crime

  • 1930s noir style would be interesting to try in FE
  • or just black and white style
  • Battles are basically interrogating people
  • Weapons are replaced by things like “Questioning” and evidence (basically copying Madien Quest’s woo and the like)
  • Doesn’t have to be connected to FE canon
  • If you do use FE canon though proving the team assiain/theif innocent or trying to avoid a war would give a good motive for the chatacters to try and solve the crime
  • have to keep crime solving techniques to the time period. Or make the magic aid make some sense.

Just do something hacky - I basically take the idea someone mentioned in their hack and just screw around.

  • Listen I can make ideas all day but if I add this maybe this will get me to actually do something other than try to change ghebFE into something tolerable


My immortal or My inner life sort of hack - My immortal and My inner life are infamous fanfics.

  • I saw someone call Raven “Darkness dementa Raven way” and I find that visual funny really.
  • Reading up on FEif and the over powered ocs with reminded me of these fanfics too.
  • Idk much else
  • don’t go on too long but also there could be a lot of joke material specially if you really get into the fanfics and not just surface level misspelling jokes.
  • during the year - Basically what Lyn’s crew did under the year that passed between her and Eliwood’s story
  • Really I just want to know more about how people ended up where they were and it’d be sort of interesting to see some characters meet up instead of them just appearing knowing each other and have met already.

From Demon to Saint
-Listen I want more on Karel and when he did go from demon to saint.

  • Also more chances for supports with Lucius

Full hack

In the game - Someone starts up a FE7 rom for the first time. Makes a Tactition. Starts up the tutorial to the familiar 2 enemies,1 Lyn, and wait is that an ally unit?

  • Someone got sucked into the game and you have to help them
  • Them being in the game is changing things. Because you have a new element in the mix the story can’t stay the same. Specially when said element knows the story beats.
  • and also said person has to take up someone’s character spot be it generic enemy or a playable character.
  • Change as little or as much as you want really.
  • Person can be a new class too it’s not like they were meant to be in fe7 in the first place.
  • Person would totally teach the torch and mine glitch

Wait these are the wrong ocs. - It’s a FE8 hack with ocs instead of the normal playables. Ocs that weren’t designed for FE.

  • You have to use non-fe ocs
  • it’s mostly just imagine characters adapt or break down in the world of FE
  • And figure out what character would be what FE trope.
  • And what class
  • have them follow as much or as little of the plot as you want.
  • No overpowered from the start characters or nerfing vanilla characters that stay in to make them the ones people have to use though. This isn’t FEif.

That’s really all I have for now.


Very interesting indeed. If you’d like some help with creating a hack, let me know. I would love to help if you’d like some help with things.

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thank you!
Right now I’m just messing around trying to get the hang of FEbuilder before I start anything.

Hey man I’ve been meaning to get a couple short hacks out for a while. I can event and make decent music so hit me up if ya need it

Thank you so much for the offer!

If the Orphanage-prequel becomes an actual thing, I think I will make a translation patch into german for it.

Ah thank you!
I’m glad people have been interested in my ideas.

Added more ideas. because it’s easy to come up with ideas for hacks than to do them.
Then again I also have finals to study for.