Crust's conglomeration of content - now featuring a fancy edited video of my Amelia solo run!

My Amelia run was finished last week, but I spent the last few days editing a video version! Don’t like watching 4 hour stream VODs? Here’s a fancy youtube video that is only 20 minutes of condensed footage!

//end of current shilling endeavor LOL

Howdy fellas. Decided now that my streamed Amelia run is over I’m going to convert this into a overall “shilling” thread instead of making a bunch and clogging up the place. My name is Chris, or if you want you can call me Crust/Crusticus, and I do a lot of things (not very well but I do a lot of things LMAO). This thread is just to show off some miscellaneous FE-related projects, like any art I create, as well as my YouTube/Twitch channel. Going to keep the Gilded Tales thread separate but if you wanna check that out, it is a full conversion hack I’m trying to create!

  • First things first, I have a youtube channel where you can watch my old FE8 randomizer LP and some more content coming in the future!
  • Secondly, I stream on twitch sometimes. Not sure how much I’ll be doing that moving forward, but yeah.
  • If you want to know when I’m putting out new content but don’t check FEU all the time and are addicted to social media like I am, here’s a twitter.
Video Content(LPs/VODs/Edited videos)

Amelia Solo run part 1 1/2 (stream died)
Amelia solo run part 1 2/2
Amelia run part 2
I plan on putting the Amelia run in full on YT later as well as making an edited video out of it, so stay tuned for that!
Sacred Stones Randomized (complete LP)
only Let’s Play I ever finished. It’s very dated and not representative of my current standard of content, but hey, I’m proud of this one because I actually committed to it. I also had so much fun messing around with making palettes for everybody!
FE Requiem blind iron man
this one, I’m not so proud of LOL

Art (F2U/F2E btw)

Finral from Black Clover. Made him on a whim and he is the first mug I’ve ever made, so that’s neato.

Valter Shirtless
An EDGE splice I’m particularly proud of. May use him in gilded tales but idk yet

thanks for taking your time to check out my stuff!

got to the route split today. Look at this absolute monster
Fire Emblem - the Sacred Stones # GBA_01

part 2 (which will likely be the rest of the game depending on how it goes, or at least the split chapters) tomorrow?

About to go live with the second part in this goofy run. I’d love y’all to come by and watch Amelia stomp this game LOL

Took the 4 hours of footage from the VODs and turned it into a 20 minute and (hopefully) more digestible watch! Hopefully y’all get a kick out of it.