Cringing at my old profile

Okay so since I rejoined and I changed my pfp to smiling Reinhardt to Camilla with both eyes because I think it’s cursed plus Reinhardt hasn’t been relevant as a meme or in heroes in years alongside his artist becoming an NFT shill and Camilla is a better character than him anyways I realized what I set my location to years ago

Fuck :upside_down_face:


I’d say keep it. Its funny to me lol.

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Personally, I think posting about something sexually charged (meme or not) is a bad way to make a post. Mods could possibly get involved. Best advice is just not say anything about it

That’s adult content and some of the community members are not at that age


Yeah you have a point and I kinda realized now how morally twisted it is

Think I’ll just remove the location

Ban Hammer be lurkin around the corner once we say something remotely sexual. It’s an omnipotent entity I tell ya

Tbf I probably said worse sexual things in the discord years ago

I kinda started to regret it a bit I’ll be honest

we all make mistakes

I guess you do have a point.

Mm. Yes, very cringe.