Creating the Trickster class without the Str/Mag split

So I was wondering how to make a Trickster class possible without installing the SkillSystem patch for the split. I also know that there is a Patch that allows to use Mag or Str depending of the weapon equiped…

The thing is, staves are not weapons that can be equipped, so this bugs the battle animations when the class that can use Staves and Swords making it think that it always using magic even when is attacking with a sword.

So how could I fix this?

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I think you’re probably looking for the ‘MeleeAndMagicFix’ patch that FEBuilder has.

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I already installed that… and the problem persist

Unusual, was it the more recent version (MeleeAndMagicFix 20220721)?

Just tested it by itself, giving Seth a staff rank in a vanilla rom and it worked with that, so there might be some other thing messing with it.

well is Seth using the sword as a magic weapon or as a melee?

Seth uses his Steel Sword in usual melee.

Hmmm Ok, I will try to do something then

Ok it works now, but is just not showing the staves rank, that can be a little annoying… Either way, many thanks for the help!

That ‘Limit Weapon Rank Display’ patch should deal with that-- it limits what ranks show down to every type the character uses to a maximum of four shown, a mix of melee and magic ranks can also be shown.

maybe i have some patches conflicting because it work for a moment and then ot stop working, and also the Limit weapon patch doesn’t show it… maybe i can send a report and see what is happening

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Oh shut! That’s definitely weird… But anyways.

I’m getting good at doing Events and balancing out weapons/classes/units but i don’t know anything about Assembly, just clarifying.

Balancing weapons/classes/units sounds great that could definitely help out a lot, and having more people for making events is great, anything at all im happy with.

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