Convesation Thany/Shana<->Tate/Tha

Hello, I have a little problem with my port of FE6 to FE8, inside FE6 in chapters, 10B and 11A exists some conversations a little strange for Tate with Thany/Shanna:


The Red Square checks some flag and the Blue Square checks the same Flag but checks if Klein’s alive but that’s with ASM.
I can’t understand how works, Could any explain to me how works this, please?

they’re not actual conversations, most likely overflow data
the same thing occurs in 19B, I think it’s between sue and shanna

those are actual conversations.

0806BB34 pseudocode:

bool func_0806BB34(...)
    return CheckFlag(0xA) && IsKleinNonBlue() && CheckTalk(..., PID_SHANNA, PID_TATE);

0806BB68 pseudocode:

bool func_0806BB68(...)
    return CheckFlag(0x7) && IsKleinBlue() && CheckTalk(..., PID_SHANNA, PID_TATE);

0806BB9C pseudocode:

bool func_0806BB9C(...)
    return CheckFlag(0x7) && IsKleinNonBlue() && CheckTalk(..., PID_SHANNA, PID_TATE);

Asm talk event is one of the functions available in FE8U.
It enables the Talk command only when its Trigger ASM function returns true(1).
This can be used to create more complex conditions compared to the traditional flags.

for example, Aera has created a function called “Add Event: Conditional Talk w/ A Support”.
This is very confusing and I don’t think many people use it, but it is a feature that enables the conversation only when those units have a SupportA.

NAME.en=Add Event: Conditional Talk w/ A Support
INFO.en=Patches in an ASM "Talk" conditional event that is available only when characters have support rank A.\r\n

To use it, install this patch and put the address where you installed this patch + 1 in the ASM Function Trigger of ASM Talk Event.

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