Converting Music to insertable MIDI format

Hey all,

I’m looking to do custom music for my hack, but I don’t have the patience to program everything by hand and would rather play the tracks on guitar/bass since it’ll feel more natural to me.

I’ve seen a few tutorials online about taking recorded WAV files and converting to MIDI, my follow up would be is this a viable method for GBA hacking? Curious how difficult it’ll be to align recorded tracks with the GBA instrumentation.

Thanks all, appreciate the help on this.


Converting WAV to MIDI is (to quote Leonarth) like trying to convert cake back to eggs.

Granted, you would have an easier time of it if you were working with cleanly recorded monophonic WAV tracks laid out much the same way you’d arrange them in a DAW (i.e. one track per “instrument”) - then the converter software might do a more reliable job.

You could also check this program out (it has a trial version available) - it will convert guitar input to standard MIDI:

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it would be quicker and more accurate for you to learn to use Sibelius or other notation software and convert to midi. guitar to midi programs don’t work very well. if you’ve got a keyboard, though…

Thanks for the help!

HyperGammaSpaces - will take a look at this program.

Agro - I do have a MIDI keyboard, but I’m much more comfortable on guitar. What do you recommend for MIDI keyboards? Sibelius?

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