Converting a portrait from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia into gba

Hey there again. So uhh yeah. This is another request not for me but from Mermaidxd for her project. She requested for this generic Saint Portrait from Echoes Shadows of Valentia to be converted into gba form.

So yeah. Think you can do that for her again would you please?

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It’s really not possible.

The closest you can get is to resize it to the proper format and paint over it in gba style. Which is a lot more work than “converting”.

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Mm,i see

I have better idea,is possible to use this of base?

It’s not super similar, but anything is possible as long as you edit extensively enough (and provided it’s your portrait or you have permission to edit it, of course).

But,is possible to help me to create the hair of the saint in separate archive?

Hey how to resize this i need know how do it?

I mean the saint