Continent Name and Kingdom Name Ideas

Hi ya’ll
just wanna ask for ideas for Kingdom names for a:
Magic Kingdom,
Mercenary Kingdom and,
Knight kingdom
Wanna ask your ideas for a continent name too ^-^
I’m open to your suggestions and ideas! :kissing:

Hello Plant_Academy!

I’d recommend looking up a fantasy name generator if you do not know what to name certain stuff in your fantasy world.

This specific name generator is meant for castles, but there are plenty of other name generators for other things as well. Hope this helps!


Great Help! thankss very muchh ^3^

There’s a few different ways you could approach this - the generator is great, but I generally only like to use it for inspiration or a one-off type name (like an NPC I know will be unimportant, etc).

Depending on the nature of the world you’re building, I usually like to come up with names that are reflective of the culture, history, and natural landscape.

Where you start from will vary - sometimes for me I worked backwards from a name I thought sounded good and built around that (ie I wanted to name a nation “Kuching” after this city in Malaysia, and so I gave the characters there predominantly Malay and Indonesian names).

Alternatively, I would decide that I want a nation to have an aesthetic inspired by a specific region or hybrid of regions culturally, and came up with a name that seemed fitting (ie I liked the idea of mixing Japanese and Hawaiian sounding names in one place, and so I ended up creating the nation “Mahala” which comes from Hawaiian “Mahalo” (thank you), and was also used in other languages to refer to “settlement” in some capacity. Plus it didn’t feel off in a Japanese sounding context).

Regardless, as long as the names aren’t a distraction (like naming a place after somewhere that most of your audience might know, like naming a kingdom “New Mexico”) or aren’t a reference to something else (like naming your nation “Tethe’alla”) and generally fit the vibe of the names surrounding it, you should be fine.

Don’t get too caught up on names and focus on building first and foremost. If naming stuff gets you excited to build, then it is worth your time. If it doesn’t, then don’t put much effort into it.

Good luck and have fun.