Conceptual Project: The Falcon's War

Welcome fellow hackers,

so, I’m a complete newbie in terms of hacking - basically zero. But at least, I got concepts and ideas.
Without further ado, I present to you:

The Falcon’s War

Long time ago, a young man sailed away from the small islands he called home. He was not afraid to face the challenges of the new world which lied before him. Together with his bravest allies, he took the first steps on a new continent which later known as “Albis”. So many quests, so many adventures. But when all hope was nearly gone and the constitution of his camerades low, a falcon with golden wings appeared in front of him changing into a graceful and warm looking woman. She greeted him welcoming and delivered three weapons, made out of her own: a sword, a shield and a dagger. She gave the boy’s strongest warriors armors, too, and vanished without ever seen again. With this tools in their hands, the hero’s army marched onto the battlefield. Their enemies, though equipped with fearsome magic, were slain in the process, and the victory was before the glorious champions. And so, the Kingdom of Paxia was found …
Through the years, Albis faced many new battles and schemes and in the end, new times brought new countries, new landscapes and new ideas.

We are now in the Year 551 of the Falcon’s Calendar.
Albis is split into different lands and a peace that seems oh so shackled.

The Countries
Paxia: The official founder kingdom in the east of Albis and a country where the winds are fresh and the people are happy.
Sylviss: A country full of forrests, located south of Paxia. A big part of it, called “The Wastelands” will drift away into the ocean and disappear.
Verl: A young land north of Paxia. Establishing a new democratic system, its small government is faced by much criticism.
Nubiat: The trading state in the Grand Desert. It is home to many nomads and the biggest as well as most secured capital in all of Albis.
Nirvaas: A neutral country with a big lowland, thanks to its river net, is also called “The Veins of Albis”.
Rubor: The people here are known for their strong patriotism towards their country and their military leaders.

If this is ever going to be a hack, it will feature some interesting gameplay changes:


Between the chapters, the player has the opportunity to manage his stock, units and finances in in different menues. There will be other functions, as well. Some will be revealed later, while others are there from the beginning. Also, some functions gets expand over the course of the game.


The currency of the game is called Líres. Finances will be managed in two different ways. The first is through army funds, which, represents the money your army is currently able to have. It is used for the camp shops, training grounds and for paying salary to your mercenary and recruited units. Some functions of the camp can be expanded, like shops or the Spy Network.

There are also Unit funds which will include their payment as well as extra money that the player can transfer from their army funds. In contrast to the Army Funds, the Unit’s Funds’ limit lies by 20.000 Líres.

Training Grounds:

Viable for every unit to train there are skills and get better with their weapons. Every Training costs a certain amount of money. There is training for the four physical weapon types – sword, lance, axes and bows – and for the three different mounting classes – flying (griffons), flying (wyverns) and cavalry. There is also a special knife Training which enables units to wear daggers. The training for the weapons enables a unit to get higher weapon ranks and even better growths and stats through the cause of the game, which functions as following


After certain conditions are met, or a certain point of the game is cleared, willing people can be recruited over the Military list. Ther base class is recruit and at the beginning, they are not be allowed to move into battle. Instead you have to train them in the „Recruitment Training“ field of the Training Grounds. Once they have reached the first Training level of at least one Weapon Training, they can change into one of the classes of the respected weapon. By attending the Knife Training they are enabled to use the Thief class. They also can train further and get the bonus right away, before they change class. They are also able to wield weapons they normally wouldn’t wield in a certain class when they trained them to at least Level 1. They also get a better Training Level. Training for mounts can also be used. When used on the battle field some of the recruit even have the Eite skill, which will help them, gaining levels faster. For orientation, players can look at the base stats, their gender and their age to determine, which training they need. Some might even bring experience with them in the use of weapons and some might start of at higher levels. To balance things out, the training time for a recruit gets doubled, means, they get smaller amounts of Training experience than your normal units. After the class change, they can train in all of their learned weapon types.

Spy Network:

The Spy Network does many things in exchange for money. They can spy out the nearby locations to find a village attacked by bandits or are even able to locate Gaiden quests, if certain conditions for them are met before, and, because they are practised in thievery can locate chests and treasures. Some of these items are pretty rare or are only found once per playthrough. The more you pay them, the more villages or information they find or the rarer are the treasures.

Raid Enemies:

Whenever you free a villages from the clutches of evil forces, you get a certain amount of money based on how good and how fast you did. Sometimes, there even are villagers or smaller houses who are in desperate need of protection. They will grant you with loads of extra cash and, sometime, items.

Ally System :

There are three factions who ally with you to bring the bitter fights to a good end: the Rebellion, the Southern Alliance and the Marble Knights. While everyone is unsure to you, you can anger them by making decisions that oppose their ideas, or please them by making the right choices. Different loyalties mean different outcomes and different scenarios. So choose wisely. Other factors like enemy raids or having special characters in your army also influences this system. Also the classes of the protagonists change at a point of the game to those, which fits the Ally System at this time.


Sometimes, blades clash, and, sometimes, words. At important plot points throughout the game, you have to decide which strategy is the best, or which allies to trust. There are decisions with minor impact on the following, and decisions that change entire chapters. They also change your allies‘ views on you.

Conversations and New Units:

Support conversations now take place in your camp, not on the battlefield. As an extra there will be additional conversions between groups at some time which give the characters more depth and togetherness – and maybe items. Also, after you met some condition, some new characters want to speak to you to become your allies.


The units’ growths are definitely not skyrocket high, but they can be altered through the use of certain weapons, as some will give extra growth rates as long as they are equipped.


Albis is a continent without magic – or just a small portion. There are a few characters, able to bend the last bits of this gift to their will to heal or to attack. Those „Gifted“ are not found until half of the game and are pretty rare. They gain spells by levelling up and by using them in battle. Also, the Anima triangle is back. The more they use them, the stronger forms they get, after a fixed number of times. Most spells get stronger, gain more uses in battle and/or are getting new effects, while others are strong enough, so that they don’t need another upgrade. As some spells get devastating power, the overall fighting power of most gifted is limited, for gameplay balancing. The spells weight will be subtracted immediately off the users speed, taking their constitution not into account. Like in the first Fire Emblem games, magic and resistance are odd stats that, mostly don’t level up, due to the low growths they possess and the underwhelming or non-existent bases characters have. However, many relics of old times are found in the world - swords, lances, axes and bows - embued with magic. Not only can their wielder unleash magic attacks at long range, but they also increase the growths of magic and/or resistence by a fair amount.

Early Time Healing

As there are nos taffes to be found at the beginning of the game, some characters will have fitting personal skills, which can give them the heal command. Instead of the magic stat, the skill stat will be taken into account and has a similar function as its substitute.


In the end, a character can have up to 6 different skills: 1 Personal skill, 3 Class skills, 1 Mastery Skill and one Mount skill. The first class skill will be learned at Level 1 of the base class, the second on level 10. The unit will gain the third Class Skill at level 5 of their promoted class. The Mastery Skill will be learned, once the unit is at least level 10 of their promoted class and has attend the Mastery Training at the Training Grounds. They possess their Personal Skill from the beginning and gain a mount skill, whenever they equip a mount.

Classes and mounts

There are three mounts in the game: horses, griffons and wyverns. Nearly every unit can switch between their base infantry/armored class and their mounted class, as long as they have a mount in their possession. Mounts can be equipped and be unequipped. When units fight indoors, they are not allowed to mount. By equipping a mount, you gain a penalty of speed, if you haven’t trained in the particular Mount Training. The better your Training ranks are, the more lowered will be the penalties and are changed into bonus points. A mount always brings a mount skill with it. There are 4 different species each for mount.


Welcome to FEU! If you have an idea you feel strongly about making, I’d just dive in and start hacking. You might feel lost, but that’s fine, nobody starts out knowing how to do this kind of thing, and you learn by doing and asking questions.


Thanks. I just love the Fire Emblem GBA games. And so i will try my best and will learn slowly but steady